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Problems with blood test

3 time my doc done test and every time it coagulated this time i had 3 blood test done at doctors then had to go straight to hospital to have another blood test done on the same morning. Im a bit concerned cause My mum suffered from bourgeois syndrome plus re occuring embolisms. Having trouble putting footdown the pain goes from my heal to my calf. Been suffering exstreem headaces too. My fingers and toes go white and are ver painful. My veins swell if i catch my fingers. Also my liver and colestral keep coming back wronge. Plus one of my kidneys isnt letting out fluid. I already suffer from hypermobility and fibermialgia.

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This is a forum for APS have you been diagnosed with such or is that what they are trying to test you for. Where are you located as this may help to find referrals for you. Did your doc do a sonogram of your foot/leg? What does he think may be the issue?


As has been said this is a forum for Hughes Syndrome. Do you think you have it?

We always say to people who have calf pain that they must go to their GP or A&E. We are not Doctors and cannot diagnose.

I would add I have never heard of the syndrome that your mother had, are you sure you spelt it correctly?


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