Strange Blood Test?

Hello Everyone

I had to go to hospital this morning for some blood tests. It took nearly 40 minutes for them to take 4 small tubes of blood. For some reason my blood was really really slow in coming out and it looked like jelly that was almost set. My INR was 1.9 this morning which isn't bad really as I have a range of 2-3.

I have just had a phone call to repeat the blood test as they cannot use the samples, the blood has solidified in the tubes. Has anybody else had this problem as I have never come across it before?

Thanks from here InSpain xxx

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  • Hi InSpain.

    No, I've never had that happen. Let us know what they find.

    Best wishes.

    Dave x

  • Thanks Dave

  • Is it possible that it was some sort of specific style of specimen collecting?

    Mary F x

  • No Mary they used a butterfly needle where the blood was drawn into a large syringe. The blood was then decanted into the relevant tubes as usual.

  • How peculiar.. I hope you find out what is going on...Mary F x

  • Thanks Mary xxx

  • I have this when my INR is less than 2.0, really freaked the A & E doctor trying to take a sample.

  • It really freaked me out too!!!! Did the A&E Dr. tell you why it happens?

  • No, he had never seen anything like it before, he said it looked like black pudding lol

  • I wonder if it a visible manifestation of what our blood is like inside us if we are not anticoagulated? That is a scary thought but would explain why we feel so dreadful.

    Please keep us updated.

    Dave xx

  • It is a scary thought Dave! It was my first thought too! I'm waiting for my Neurologist to phone me later on today. Hopefully he'll be able to put me more in the picture. xxx

  • Let us know what you find out! Mary F x

  • INR range between 2_3 isn't very high for someone with Hughes syndrome.

    If you have your blood taken by a butterfly needle it gives a slower flow of blood. To have your INR blood test it should be in a green bottle not sure if this is the same colour in Spain, but it contains a small amount of liquid that stops the blood clotting in the tube.

    But still it doesn't sound right, you really need to speak to a Doctor today . Need to have a increase of Warfarin don't wait,

  • Thanks for your thoughts daisyd I really appreciate your concern. My range of acenocumarol is kept between 2-3 because I have a 21 year history of very very serious hemorrhaging, one of which left me in a coma for 3 months. I am aware that a butterfly needle gives a much slower flow of blood. But this method has been used for me for over 4 years now and never have I seen my blood looking like jelly or taking that long to be drawn, neither had the phlebotomist either. I am waiting for a call back from my Neurologist today - I'm hoping that he can fill me in a little more. xxx

  • Hi InSpain

    I have had this done many times with a butterfly needle and always get the same problem when my blood goes under 2, They like my range to be 4.5 to 5.5 as i have had so many clots due to sticky blood, As i have to have my blood done twice a week for life i have now got a portacath in chest so its easier for them to get blood mine always goes into blue top bottles, sometimes when my blood has come back unreadable i have to go and get retested. Hope you get sorted keep us updated x

  • Thanks for your comments rlupus. Hopefully, I should get some answers later on today. xxx

  • Hi my blood is all over the place -- every 3 day's is when i used to test , but my new doc. has a problem with that, his ignorance the problem. now i test every week but this can be a huge problem to me sometimes my blood is so thick and others so thin. , so i know what you are saying a couple months ago - i tested on a monday at 2.4 and on thursday a 9.1 just part of the roller coaster some of us go thru. good luck with up coming things in your up coming tests- and let us know---jet

  • Thanks for thinking of me Jet. I'll certainly let you know when I find out more. xxx

  • Hi jetjetjet

    I have just read your post i am glad i am not alone i am very lucky i have a fantastic GP and when mine goes very high I have to go 3 days a week, Its very odd how it goes up and down all the time for no reason, I am mainly on 50mg daily.

    Take Care x

  • Firstly how are you doing? Are you going to be in the hospital much longer? I have thought of you often and hope you are well.

    My blood has come out like that before. It has taken a very long time to fill up the tube, and it was visibly thick. I am only on aspirin though, so I figured that was the problem. The staff did comment but nothing beyond that. No wonder we get such horrible pain with our blood so thick! I can't wait to hear the doctor's thoughts.

  • Hello momtomany. How kind of you to be thinking about me! I came out of hospital quite a while ago now, but have been in an out a few times since. I am making slow progress and as you can see I still have quite a few issues with my blood. However, I am confident that they will be sorted out.

    I have got an appointment with the Hemotologist and Neurologist next Wednesday so hopefully they will be able to shine some light onto things for me.

    When I know more, I'll let you know too.

    Love from here InSpain xxx

  • Hi. I have problems with blood tests as well. Now, I'm not diagnosed with something yet, but I suspect it by many symptoms, but my husband has APS with Lupus antibodies. Still, I have the problems with blood tests.

    My blood will coagulate in the tube & I must have the smallest butterfly needle used. I did learn that there are different sizes of butterfly needles. I must also have my blood drawn without a tourniquet. If a tourniquet is used, the blood flows even slower & thicker & that is when there is a greater chance of coagulation. I have a fight with lab techs every almost every time I go in to have my blood drawn because they have been taught to use a tourniquet, but they don't have to. I think there is only a couple of blood test that require the use of a tourniquet because the blood is drawn deep inside, not off the surface area. (Being stuck without a tourniquet doesn't hurt as much either!) This is just an idea of something that might help. It does seem to prevent the coagulation for me a little better.

    Let us know & best wishes!

  • Thanks for the advice! :D I am waiting for another brain scan then I will know more about what's been happening and will be able to fill you all in. xxx

  • Your welcome.

    I actually think using as small a needle as possible & NOT using a tourniquet is very advantageous for anyone who has bruising problems or delicate veins. My veins collapse the instant a needle is stuck in me when a tourniquet is used & I end up with a large, rock hard ball in my vein that will hurt for weeks, not to mention the bruising. I must also have a child's IV kit, not an adults, because of the size & the damage it does to my delicate veins. There are ways to work with our sensitive needs - we just need to know what they are & ask for them. It took me many years & a lot of pain to learn that.

    So, when you are on medication that makes you susceptible to bruising & leaves your veins delicate, why add further punishment to them?

    I look forward to hearing how things work out for you.

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