It starting to feel real

Following on from my last post where i announced i was pregnant and that i was feeling anxious, I am now starting to feel pregnant, feel relaxed and its all becoming so real!

I am 5 weeks and have sore breasts, feel sick, abdominal cramps and feel the most tired i have ever felt in my whole life. I am taking all these symptoms as a good sign though!

Saw my GP Tuesday who sent a referral letter to the hospital and put me down as high risk. Received a phone call from the antenatal dept this morning saying i need to be put on Clexane injections asap. Has anyone else had these injections?

I started taking 75mg aspirin daily as soon as i was diagnosed with APS at the beginning of May (before i conceived). - Bit strange that we have been trying for a year and a soon as i start taking aspirin i fall pregnant.... i wonder if there's a connection?

They also said that my appointment to have a scan and to see a midwife is on the 4th July... isn't that a bit too long to wait? They haven't even confirmed my pregnancy, just relied on my home tests which i think is bad. I mean if i weren't actually pregnant, wouldn't clexane be harmful to me?

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  • Great news.


  • HI, your doing well... Not whilst pregnant but for over 10 years I was on Clexane, this is normal for you in pregnancy, aspirin and clexane. Get your prescription and we can then talk you thru giving them to yourself.

    Your home test is treated as accurate, it may tell you your not pregnant but will only give a positive if you are, so these days nobody else needs to test. If it says positive - you are pregnant, the scan will comfirm this as well.

    4th July is only a couple of weeks, I know seems ages when you want answers, yes take your tiredness etc as good sign - just rest as much as you can and carry on keeping calm.


  • Thanks HollyHeski i will :) xx

  • Hi and congratulations. A home pregnancy test is enough for confirmation so GP's no longer re test. It's great they've acted so quick too.

    You'll soon get use to the clexane and it's pretty standard for pregnancy with APS.

    Wishing you a happy, healthy pregnancy. You'll be well taken care of :)

  • HI, good news, I was injecting Fragmin for all 3 of my pregnancies, no problem with it, other than feeling like a pin cushion. MaryF

  • Congrats great news. Aspirin is the standard treatment and many are put on it if having issues getting pregnant too. Taking the LMWH is also very normal so sounds like you have got a good Hospital up to date with protocols.

    I've been injecting for 6 years now and many patients are put on heparin trials to see if it makes any difference to their symptoms if blood tests are borderline to get a firm diagnosis. You should not be worried about injecting at all. As Holly says if you need help on how to inject just ask.

    Now just keep calm and well and enjoy the next few months planning your family.

  • They never retested me at he GP either and I began Clexane and aspirin on positive pregnancy test. It all sounds really positive that they are putting you on both anticoagulants as aspirins and Clexane work to thin your blood in different ways. Will they show you how to inject? I

    Always found slow injection and stop if it stings letthe sting go off and then press the plumber down again left me with less bruises. Don't worry the injections are totally worth it and as the dr said they never get any drop out with pregnant patients so everyone manages it. Xxx

  • Hia,

    Although not medically recognised I would agree with you that aps effects fertility (others on this site also agree)

    Sounds like drs are doing the right things. At the beginning of pregnancy there isn't much for them to do other then get u on meds. I found most of my appointments started after 20 weeks. If like me your a worrier and ever need reassurance u can always go see your midwife - I used to see mine weekly from about 13 - 20 weeks (until movement was consistent) just to hear the heartbeat and she was more then happy to reassure me in this way.

    Good luck and take care xx

  • Congratulations... exciting times.

    Firstly Your home pregnancy test will be accurate.

    I have two beautiful children .. and have APS.

    I took aspirin and self injected fragmin throughout both pregnancies without any problems.

    I had specialist consultant care and regular check ups with the consultant and mid wife after 21 weeks.

    It's hard not to worry, but try and enjoy your pregnancy. Also don't be afraid of asking for reassurance / support from the health professionals throughout your confinement, I always felt reassured whenever I had a scan and a check up.

  • Also a tip.... when you self inject find the fastest part of you... and do if there....bruises less

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