Heparin whilst ttc?

Hi, I'm new to the group :)

I have two healthy sons aged 6 and 4 (born pre diagnosis and with no issues). Last October, I tragically lost my daughter during the 20th week of pregnancy. I was bleeding since week 10. The doctors said this was due to retroplacental hematoma/placental abruption. After the birth they had to remove several large blood clots from inside my uterus.

A couple of months later, I tested positive for APS.

Since January this year, I've also had two early miscarriages at the 4-5 week stage. The latter one I was on aspirin beforehand, then heparin and predisnolone from the day of my BFP. My doctor thinks that 4 weeks pregnant was already too late for me to start the medication, since my body already had time to attack the pregnancy. Next time he suggests I take the heparin and predisnolone from the time of ovulation, if we are trying to conceive.

Has anyone had any success in a similar situation?

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  • Hi and welcome to our friendly site!

    I am not a specialist of pregnancies as had two children before I was diagnosed but I know this illness you have tested postive to.

    I suggest that you first of all look for a Specialist of autoimmun illnesses. There are very few of them but it is exstremely important to find one. Let us hear how it goes for you!

    Good Luck from Kerstin in Stockholm

  • Thanks so much for the reply, Kerstin. I live in Abu Dhabi, UAE, and unfortunately there's no specialists here. Most doctors here don't even know about APS. I guess all I can do is try the Heparin a little earlier (if there's a next time).

  • Hi, I was diagnosed after my second stillborn son. For my last pregnancy I was on warfarin until positive pregnancy test, it was probably only 10 days past ovulation because of monitoring for fertility treatment. Then I was put on heparin. I also started aspirin as soon as we ttc. They may start the heparin earlier this time because my inr was so high when I conceived (6.8). I take warfarin daily because of having a stroke.

  • Thank you, that's so helpful. I'm so sorry to hear of your losses.

  • Normal protocol is aspirin then add LMWH. Also Plaquenil has now been showing good results. One of the best obstetric rheumatologist experts for Hughes is very close to you. Moved from London for awhile. If you PM me I will give you details if you are prepared to travel.

  • Sent you a pm, thanks :)

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