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Terrible PMS

Since I had my first clot 4 years ago ( which resulted in the contraception pill being stopped) I have had terrible PMS. It is effecting my life so badly now as I am driving my husband away ( He is always the one I take my anger out on)

It has gotten to the point where the escalation of anger is at the point where I am crying non stop on the week before my period. Erratic thoughts and thoughts of harm.

Last year I had to have an ablation of my womb as my periods were crippling me. This hasn't helped my emotional state around the time of my period.

My body feels in permanent turmoil!

On top of the foggy brain, forgetfulness, aches and pains and pins and needles, That week a month is destroying me

I am on riveroxoban( although going back to fragmin as I have started developing side effects) B12 injections. Folic acid vitamin D ampoules and Prozac 20 mg daily for the pain with fibromyalgia that I was diagnosed with last year. Thyroid level is fine also.

I am under Sarah Lewis at Abergavenny hospital for APS and a specialist for the fibromyalgia at The Gwent.

Any experiences, insights ,would help as I feel terrible

Up until 4 years ago I was perfectly healthy. I still exercise, ride my horse and do over 11,000 steps a day on my Fitbit to stay active

Please help as I feel so awful

NB x

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Hi I'm so sorry you are having such a tough time. It sounds like going back to LMWH daily will be a better anticoagulant for you. You are also doing everything right for the other things we suggest too. You say your Thyroid is ok but what was the FT3 result? I say this because I was sent a very interesting paper by someone on here a few days ago which shows that people who suffer with depression can have low FT3 but show they are in the normal range. Low Thyroid is also common with people who suffer with depression and anxiety too so it's really important that you get a proper Thyroid panel done and if you are in the bottom of the "normal" range ask for a trial of supplementation. If you are refused or can't get your GPS support ask for a referral to an Endocrinologist so they can sort out your hormones which are triggering all this. Again if you don't get any help you may be forced to see one privately, run the blood tests yourself or even self medicate in order to sort this out due to the ignorance generally of Drs on the Thyroid. Thyroid U.K. On this platform is a good place for advice.

Whichever way you decide to go the first step is back to your GP as clearly this can't go on. Please keep us updated.

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My T3 was 5.18 at the last check. I used blue horizon medical as I wasn't getting the full range at my gp

A few months ago I saw an endocrinologist who made me have the gland test( steroid tablet then bloods taken the next morning)

That came back normal. I know though my hormone levels feel unstable the week before my period


What was the range that the T3 was 5.18 in please? Im assuming you told the endo about the issues you were having before your period? Oestrogen is a issue with our condition, which is why we are advised about taking oestrogen type medications. I was told once that if you took that out of the equation then many of us would not only feel better but be less at risk.

If you didn't tell the Endo or you did and nothing was done then either you have to go back and emphasise this or try someone else, but clearly you have to find someone who will take you seriously.

I don't know where you live or if you are able to go private but I have a good one in London.


Could you send me the details. I am more than happy to travel.

Free T3 was 5.18 and reverse T3 was 18. I don't really understand what it means but that is the ranges on the test.

I live in Monmouth South Wales.

Thank you for your help


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