Is it ok if you have your clexane just over 4 hours late! I am panicking a bit (actually more than a bit) I have been taking it everyday for 5 months for a PE which was found in November. It's the first time I have forgotten. I will take it 24 hours later then gradually reduce the time back to 6pm I think.

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  • Hi, it's fine! I take Fragmin (nearly the same) with a 4ish hour window each day. I.e. Sometimes 7pm, sometimes 12pm etc. No Ill effects from that in 20 months !

    Try not to worry

  • Mine was for a p.e too and like you used to be very worried if my timing was even an hour out of whack. You become more relaxed as treatment continues. Hope you're recovering well

  • Thankyou for your reply. Put my mind at ease! Are you on anticoagulants for life? When I go in June they will decide whether I will go to warfarin or come off all together as I have tested twice to raised lupus anticoagulant but not high. As I have had a dvt in the past and now a PE I think I will be very anxious if I am not on anticoagulation going forward.

  • I would be very apprehensive too. If you were positive, then you are positive it does not matter if it was high or low. It would matter only if it were negative

  • No worries! I actually don't have Hughes but come on this forum for anticoagulation info as I'm on it for life yes. I was diagnosed with May-Thurners after a postpartum DVT/or and fitted with a stent which unfortunately blocked with clot. So been taking Fragmin so I can breastfeed. They now want me to wean and change meds ( no doubt due to the cost) I know what you mean, before my stent blocked I may have been able to come off anticoagulants but I'd rather be on them for peace of mind!

  • DVT/PE that should say

  • As the others have said, no need to worry. I actually forgot a whole day once.... but I would not do that too often!!!

  • I believe fragmin has a 24-48hour life in your system and aspirin 7-10 days. This is why you stop fragmin 48 hours before induction for pregnancy and aspirin 10 days before or as soon as labour starts. So four hours will make no difference.

    Don't panic

  • Hi

    I take my Fragmin at 07:30 every morning, rather than in th evening, that way I am less likely to forget and I am more likely to take it at near enough the same time each day.

    You wrote, last time, that were being investigated for APS, do you now have a diagnosis of APS/Hughes Syndrome?


  • No I haven't. I have tested positive twice to lupus anticoagulant but not high apparently. I am wsiting for my appointment with consultant in June to see whether they will keep me on anticoagulants or not and diagnosis. Ihope they don't say I am borderline and take me off them.

  • Thankyou all for putting my mind at rest.

  • Hi

    If you have tested positive twice for lupus anticoagulant and those tests were 12 weeks apart then that is a positive result for APS/Hughes Syndrome.


  • Hi,

    I agree with Dave!

    Do not let them take you off anticoagulation!

    Best wishes from Kerstin in Stockholm

  • Thankyou for your replies Kerstin and Dave. Yes 2 tests 12 weeks apart. I am very interested to see what they will say in June when I see the haematologist which specialises in these things. I have read about Hughes loads so feel I will be well informed and will take a list of all my symptoms over the years including dvt in 2005 when I tested positive to LA but just once, teenage migraines and a break in my metatarsal just walking in my house, which I understand can be a symptom too and now a PE last November.

  • Better late than never, but perhaps an alarm on your phone and or watch will help you worrying in the future. MaryF

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