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Can I have a prescription given by prof. Hughes for Clexane filled in Paris?

I live in the United States & for the past 2 years I travel to London to see Prof Hughes. I can't tolerate the medications in the US. Thankfully CLEXANE works. We are going to travel to Paris afterwards & since the exchange is better on in Europe I would rather get it there. Does anyone have any experience with this.


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I don't I am afraid, but perhaps you should email or ring the clinic? MaryF


Can't help for US but I would imagine you could only get a fairly limited quantity? In Australia we have a system similar to NHS and I used to pay AU$30 for a months supply when I was on it. (Subsidised meds from a registered provider) I changed to Rivaroxaban a few months before I travelled to UK and it made for a lot less bulky packaging than the 12 boxes of Clexane I would have needed. However I do know that Overseas visitors get charged the full amount over here. ($6/month now for tablets vs $94 for the same for a visitor.


sorry but no you cannot exchange a uk prescription in europe only the uk


If you would need a large quantity of medications (a year's supply?), what would be the rules from UK custom and excise? Do you get taxed? It sounds very tricky. Maybe, Prof H would need to have different prescription pads for different countries (I realize that it is not gonna happen) x


I have no experience here, but from what I've heard on the news --is Getting a script filled in Canada an option?


I imagine the prescription from Prof Hughes will be a private one and not an NHS one as you would appear not to qualify for NHS scripts.

I would ring his secretary and ask in advance, they have lots of overseas visitors at that hospital and will probably have the knowledge to give a definitive answer.



Sorry Cami, the rules have now changed and any EU country can dispense a prescription from another EU country as long as the pharmacist is able to confirm that the doctor is registered in his/her own country.

Thus the prescription is valid in France but you may have a problem with the pharmacy being happy to dispense.

Clexane is available in France.

The prescription will be classed as a private sale in either country, so you pay for the drugs as well as a pharmacist fee.

Remember that Clexane can only be carried in hand luggage as the change in pressure and temperature in the hold is not suitable for carriage. I have a letter from the manufacturers to carry with me when I fly to cover carrying quantities of injections but have only been asked for it twice in 9 years of travelling.


This is excellent information. I would add to it that you may like to ask Prof Hughes secretary to give you a letter to carry with you to say that you are carrying prescribed medication for personal use for the purposes of showing both customs, security at the airport and anyone else should they question the amount of injections you are travelling with. Make sure it says obviously for medical personal purposes. You may want to check your Customs regulations about bringing in medications for personal use and if there is a limit.

When I travel to and from the states with my injections (Fragmin) I have letters but have never once been asked for them.


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