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Hi I'm new to this group. I was diagnosed in 2007 with aps after I had lost my 4th baby . Iv gone on to have 4 beautiful kiddies . I'm now pregnant with baby no5 so I started my aspirin but I then had a very bad reaction to it and was in hospital for days I was so swollen it was unreal. So they stoped my aspirin and I'm now on heparin but I'm worried because with all my other pregnancies I was on both aspirin and heparin. As any of you ladies only ever been on heparin and all been okay with baby ect ??

Thank you x

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Hi Sarah - congratulations on the birth of your four little ones and now this pregnancy. I'm assuming you are under a high risk pregnancy unit where Hughes is well understood?

Have you spoken to your Doctor about also taking Plaquenil as we have recently posted a couple of studies which have reported good results with using that in pregnancy. Good luck with this one, I'm sure someone will come along and answer your question specifically soon.


Hi there, welcome and well done. I was on Fragmin only for all of my pregnancies and did well. It is important to be under a consultant who fully understands Hughes Syndrome/APS. Where are you located? MaryF

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Hi I'm in England. I'm just worried because I was on both with my other four pregnancies and this one I'm only on tinzaparin 7,000 unit. I'm trying to see if there is something I can use to replace the aspirin x


Please look at the pinned posts over on the right hand side, and scroll down until you see the recommended specialists, it goes through the UK area by area. MaryF

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