Joint pain


I am normally a very active 42yr old male who cycles and runs 6-8 times a week but on Tuesday morning i woke up and could not move hardly (I did have a rest day Monday). My knees and ankles were very sore and the back of my heels were very tender and the outer ears were very red and burning. Since then i have hardly been able to walk especially first thing in the morning. There is no swelling of any areas just a few tented points.

Does anyone have any ideas what it could be?

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  • Hi, we need to ask you if you have a diagnosis for Hughes Syndrome/APS? MaryF

  • Hi

    No i have not been Diagnosed with anything yet as i just gave sample and tests to the doctors today so waiting on the results. I am just trying to find out as much as possible in the mean time.


  • Ok, are they testing your for Hughes Syndrome/APS or just general tests as if not, you are on the wrong forum, however I hope they test your vitamin D levels. MaryF

  • Sounds like you have over done it. There are lots of other Forums on HU that will be more useful for you.

  • It could be relapsing polychondritis, the red burning ears is a classic sign.

    There is no specific test for this condition, you just need to rule out other illnesses first.

    You need to ask for a referral to a rheumatologist. In the short term a course of steroids will ease your systems but long term you may require immunosuppressants.

    There are plenty of RP forums on Facebook and health unlocked (I think) who will be willing help you and support you through the process of being diagnosed.

    I hope this is a one of flare up but either way good luck.


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