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Joint/ Muscle pain that 'moves' around body

Hi everyone!

Does anyone have joint and/or muscle pain that seems to migrate around the body at times? I have had shoulder/ upper back pain on one side for a couple weeks, then that stops, and then it moves to lower back pain a couple weeks, then stops there, and then to elbow, etc. Very strange. Just curious if others have had this? I just began Plaquenil (generic form) one month ago, so I haven't yet noticed any benefit- too early I suppose.... I like to stay active and these pains can be completely debilitating and so frustrating!! Not to mention the general fatigue and slight depression just from feeling this way.

Sending positive thoughts and good wishes to all out there!


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This happens to me all the time! I have tried all types of medicines andevery thing i can rub on my joints. The only thing that has worked for me is icyhot. But not all icy hot. The one that works best for me is the spray presentation with 16% menthol ( highest percentage ive found).

Hope it works for you too!



Hi, i have the exact same experience. Shoulder pain for a month. Nothing helped reduce it. Then lower back into side waist. I was diagnosed with sjogrens last summer but did nothing about it. Disgnosed with APS 2 days ago. Blood tests were lost so dont know about Lupus yet. Fatigue is the most difficult so far. Waiting for med to work

Yes I get this all the time. I take plaquenil but still get roaming pains. I think these "unexplained" roaming pains often confuse drs and so they can't relate and think we are imagining it. So frustrating.

A lot of people complain of this with 'fibromyaliga' it sounds very uncomfortable! Mary F x

i have polymyaliga this is musle only it is a form of lupus fibromyaliga is nerve pain polymyaliga can last 2 to 6 year than can reacure or mite not come back

Yep, roaming joint pain all the time. Plaquenil certainly has helped, but. I can't remember a day when I have been pain free. My consultant says this is common complaint of his Lupus\APS patients. Steroids really help, he wants me to take low dose every day, but even half a tab a day makes me depressed, so can't do that. It frustrates him as he says the pain is caused by inflammation and he can feel my joints are very inflamed. I also have tendonitis everywhere and this also causes pretty bad pain all over, especially in my jaw.. He put me on Tripiline for that, but I got terrible heart palpitations so stopped. I haven't told him that yet! Some days the pain is worse in different joints and tendons and that is probably what makes it feel like its roaming. Heat is what gives me some comfort. Pain killers dont seem to make a difference.

Jane xx

prednovone may be spelled wrong not a good drug but worked fast can't stay on it long hard on your organs so don't use it long

Believe it or not Valium got me off heavy opiates valium can make you go weeks with no pain

I have had this also the pain could be in my head then my leg then my toe it can jump all over my body it eased a lot when I went on warfarin and Volterol

Good Luck Sweetie x

I finally got off opiates when they prescribe me Valium believe it or not now weeks of no pain

Yeah, this sounds familiar to me too. Though my pain,when it roams, tends to stay in the same " quarter,". I.e., from left shin,to left thigh, to left hip, to left lower back.

You have a sciatic nerve pinching you in the back what causes pain down the leg .. I know cuz I have the same

I had my left hip replaced 3 1/2 years ago. Since then all leg pain has stopped. Completely.

Also, even though my diet and activity level stayed mostly the same ( more walking now but more cycling then) I easily lost 15 pounds weight and now sleep less and do more. I still suspect systemic inflammation brought on by clot-induced hip necrosis was the primary cause. Reason? All my symptons improved when my INR was high ( @3-4). now i am symptom free at only 2.0.

I get this too. Like Jane painkillers don't make much of an impression, Ibuprofin works best but I can't take too much because I am on Heparin and have to be careful about stomach bleeds.

I am allergic to paracetemol, and plaquenil and have just become sensitive to codiene. Great!

Oh Joy! I can recommend gin though! x

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Hi hon

I get this too, a pain free day would be bliss,

I take pregabalin and slow release tramadol, plaquenil, they help but pain still there :-(

I tried the gin n tonic route, inr through the roof and loads of bruises, but felt good for a while!! :-) :-)

Take care gentle hugs love Sheena xxxx :-) :-) :-)

Posting a little late but I struggled with roaming pain all over my body - i ve had it as long as I can remember and just assumed it was normal to be in pain everyday. I tried a good food elimination diet a couple years ago and my pain virtually disappeared after half a week. The biggest culprits for me were wheat and dairy. Most people scoff when I suggest this but food is one of the biggest substances we put in our bodies plus the elimination diet has less side effects than most any medication. Try it for a week - it worked for me. As long as I avoid those (and a couple of other foods since my body appears to be real sensitive) I am pain free!!

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hey..I am also suffering from this very frustrating pain which moves allover in body specially in upper back and left chest..I am in depression coz of this

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hey same her. i had pain in upper back. feel like mild swelling. then after one month started upper left chest pain with same condition swelling. wat to do

Hi rkmmm,

If you have got APS (Hughes syndrome or Sticky Blood) and want an answer on your pains, I suggest you put a new fresh question on our site. You will have more answers as you now have answered on a 4 year old question.

Best wishes from Kerstin in Stockholm

Hi, I know I am replying to your post 8 months down the line and I hope it's ok but I was wondering if you still use the food elimination diet and if it still works for you. I too get pain roaming all over my body and having been like this for a few years with nothing really helping. i have had full blood tests which have all come back clear so i am at a loss of what to do. I am at the stage where I think a change in my diet could be worth a try. I don't eat very healthily, lots of bread, cereals, dairy products and sweet things as well as diet coke. How do you go about eliminating foods? Do you just try one at a time and keep a diary or go for a few different foods... Is there maybe a book I can get with information? I am certainly going to give this a try as sick of feeling like this and doctors not taking it seriously.. So sorry to waffle on like this but really need to sort myself out

Many thanks - Jo

Hi Jo, Do you have APS (Hughes syndrome)? Who is treating you APS symptoms?

This is a site for people with APS. We are not Medical trained but try to help each other quite voluntary.

If you have a diagnose of APS please ask a new question on the site That would be best for you.

Best wishes from Kerstin in Stockholm

Hi I was wondering if you have tried the diet and if it worked for you?

There is this book by Barry Groves.

Trick and Treat. Amazing.

We are eating all wrong.

Hence all the health problems.

Yes everything you wrote above avoid.

Try to go organic as much as possible.

Hi, can you tell me

More about the elimination diet!?

I also cut WAY back on gluten and have so much less pain it is amazing!! Here I thought I was eating "healthy" whole grain this and that, turns out that is what was making me hurt so bad!

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I’m 38 and constantly suffer from joints and muscle pain, especially following physical activities. I heard about a new product, which relieves pain available on the British market. It’s Amber Ointment. I heard that it’s all natural. Has anyone tried it? Where can I buy it?Maybe it's worth trying


Muscle and joint pain

There are several kinds of pain that sits in muscles and joints. Ache due to overwork, inflammatory pain such as rheumatic pain and fibromyalgia are some



I will not go into the school medical definitions of different types of pain. Even today, has not even the whole picture of what causes such as fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis.


Ayurveda, I think gives a better understanding of how pain occurs and how to treat based on what kind of pain it is.


The vatarelaterade pain comes from a vataöverskott in the body, which can arise from too much cold, wind, drafts, vatahöjande food (dry, cold, raw food), overwork, stress for prolonged periods of several causes. Vatavärk characterized in that it frequently moves around the body and may be in different locations on different days. Fibromyalgia may be a type of pain. Pain in general is often a sign of a vataöverskott.


Vatavärk which lasted a long time has probably also been built up over a long period of time and there may be an accumulation of waste products in the body - amateur - who sat in the muscles and joints. Ama is formed first and foremost when digestion is not functioning optimally. When you eat too much and overload the stomach and intestine, stress at mealtimes and inappropriate food makes ama can be formed. Running this for some time, becomes the digestive tract overwhelmed with ama ama and move to the last out of the body. Ama has a tendency to settle in the body's weak points and it could be the joints of a vataperson or muscles of a kaphaperson.


If you have inflammation of the muscles or joints, it is often an pittaöverskott involved. Inflammation is characterized by redness and warmth, which are typical characteristics of pitta. A vataöverskott may lie in the bottom plus ama. The body reacts with wanting to "burn" the ama and inflammation occurs. Inflammation can of course also occur with an injury and then is a natural reaction in the body without the ama is there.

Treatment according to Ayurveda

Short term health problems caused by cold, drafts and overwork or similar managed with vatabalanserande measures: rest, heat, eating ginger and turmeric, cover with warming herbs, massage with warm oils. Are muscles and joints stiff can care strechtning and yoga be beneficial.


At long-term problems when ama is involved where the body must be able to do away with ama. The challenge is to bring order to the digestive and take various purifying action special diet for a period. Herbal drinks and Ayurvedic food supplement that helps to cleanse the body may be appropriate.


When muscles and joints are inflamed applies to both dampen down the inflammation with refreshing herbs, for example in the form of cover, but also to deal with too much ama in the body. Purifying teas, spices, and supplements that guggul can be used in addition to a pittabalanserande diet.

At a health consultation tries to get the whole picture of the man and his current situation so that each person receives individualized advice.

Hi, This is a site for Hughes Syndrome (APS). We all have APS here.

May I ask if you have got APS and who diagnosed you and where your are from?

Because if you have APS, In that case we can perhaps help you.

Best wishes from Kerstin in Stockholm

look up polymyalgia rheumatica it's musle and joint pain

Does anyone take Statins and are having pain? I have the exact same pain as described in original message and it started a few months after starting Statins. (Lipitor)

Yeah. I had taken statins and soon I developed joint pain on my left hand, after a while, the pain migrated to the right hand. Now I am having shoulder joint pain. My doctor said the Statins only caused muscle pain, not joint pain, so he didn't take think Satins caused my joint pain. Let me know what your doc said.

Hi, welcome, I see you have just joined, have you a diagnoses for APS/Hughes syndrome? Just want to check you have landed in the correct forum.

You have answered a very old chat, so I suggest you post your question as a new one and tell us a bit about yourself?

yes i have mostly the same issues...with pretty large swelling accompanying the pain

Yes, I get this and sometimes it is so painful I need help undressing and dressing. I was told by my Canadian rheumy that it is CCp positive arthritis. C reactive. Just google ccp arthritis. Talk to your MD about it.

I got relief for muscle pain by taking magnesium 200-400mg per day and making a syrup (lotion) of magnesuim with 4 parts ,1/2 cup Epsom Salt and 1 part boiling water. Let it cool and rub on sore muscles. I have been rubbing on my sore muscles for years and can't live without it. Doctors don't know about nutrutional remedies.

I'm on warfarin but my doctor has me on ibuprofen and I monitor my INR levels frequently

This keeps happening to me. One day I got this pain in my right knee. Now everyday when I wake up, it is in the other knee that it wasn't in the day before.

I have the same mysterious pain. It started in my elbow about 2 years ago and it moved up my arm to my shoulder then neck, then other shoulder. Now it's behind my shoulder blade and I cant take a deep breath. Hurts like heck. I have a lot of experience with inflammation and if an anti inflammatory makes it feel better (I just took 250 mg Naproxen to test it) I will try eliminating anti inflammatory foods like simple carbs and milk products. I'm 57 and shouldn't be experiencing this yet. But I'm convinced its inflammation. I'm back on the no sugar, no milk, no gluten diet.

I have a drug reaction of an anti alergic tablet (rigex). many rashes appear on my palm and arms and also acute pain in both muscel of the hand . the doctor prescribe me another anti allergic tab and an antibiotic (cefxime) i taked it the rast vansishes but muscle pain moved from one place to another . this is due to anti alergic tab are very cold in nature . so i left taking medicine and now i am felling well. thanks

I have that pain and a Indian friends grandmother suggested to swallow fenugreek seed on empty stomach. My body become pain free two day. I still swallow those seeds n it is very helpful. No medication needed. Easy to find at Indian grocery store.

I suggested to one of my senior co-worked who was having pain in his fingers and had hard time getting proper grip on anything he hold. His fingers are pain free and now able to hold things with strong grip.

It really worked for me and few other people. There is no side effect for taking it. it also keeps fever away from my body.

Link below is to give you an idea about fenugreek seeds

How much fenugreek did you take a day?

You chew them or take with water. Thanks.

Well this is actually happing to me as we speak. Right now i am getting a pain in my chest which then moved to me right shoulder, then moving to my left side just above the hips. Then moved down to my knee. It happened all within half an hour. Is it just muscle pain considering that i rode my bycle a few hour before or could it be growing pains. Should i be concerned and visit the doctors.

I am experiencing pain in joints and my feet have been hurting a lot lately

My pain began in my left shoulder and now the pain moves around to my hips hands. I went to Dr.for my shoulder pain and he showed me some stretches to do for pain and told me to take ibuprofen

Not seeing any improvement.

Have had for years no opiates help at all. Believe it or not Valium is the only thing they have found that gives me relief I know it sounds strange I didn't believe it but when you start having weeks at a time pain free all of a sudden you will realize Valium really works I was on 30 milligram oxycodones they did nothing when I got put on valium I no longer needed opiates it has changed my life

I had this when I chgd different brands of fish oil and statins... must say my " doctor was aware"

Only since Feb 17 have I been so crippled by migrating pain.Blood test are all normal no autoimmune diseases.No inflammation.I have some bruising now under my left arm.MRI next week.6 doctors in 5 months.smh

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