Inr crashes

Just taken my inr do it ever Tuesday inr 2.6 😑Have taking fragmine injection my target inr is 4 take injection when below 3

Keep putting my wafrin dose up now at 9 mg daily but every so often just crashes down have had mini strokes when my inr is 2.8 so just as well it was my test day today 👍 Usually try to go into work but not feeling to good and thought sod it and phoned in sick

So back to bed with a cup of tea ☕️ 😊

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  • Sorry Tim hope you feel better soon I guess you haven't got a coagucheck machine,which a great reassurance to have although expensive, I can normally feel when my INR is too high or two low.

    If you feel like this before your INR is due I would go and have a test.

  • I self test have a coagucheck machine

  • Hi Tim,

    Do you only test every Tuesday at home? Could you do it at least every third day instead?

    I have eaten other things for Easter and not exercised so much because of snow and cold weather here in Stockholm. Those things makes the INR go up and down a bit more. I had to take some Esomeprazol for the stomach (too much fat and veat probably) and that changes the INR so I have actually tested every day for Easter. Today it was a bit high and then I took some brusselsprouts to knock it down till tomorrow.

    Can you decide about your dose of Warfarin also? You put it up to 9 mg - how much is your usual dose?

    Hope you feel better tomorrow!


  • May start to test more often

    Anticogaltion team tell me what dose to take

    My gp recently try to stop me getting my coagucheck test strips on my prescription but managed to change her mind when she realised how important they are to me

  • Yes, we must have teststrips otherwise it is no use we selftest.

    Tell them you need to test every third day, I test every second day but decide myself about the dose also. Anticoagulation teams do not always know how this illness works.

    Could you not decide about the dose yourself or could you ask prof Hunt to get you LMW Heparin instead?

    What is your normal dose of Warfarin? When you have a low INR of 2.6 as now, how much do they raise the Warfarindose (9) ?


  • Just emailed Anticoagulation team at st Thomas so there get back to me probably raise it to 12 mg daily and injections untill it gets back in to range 👍

  • Ok, hope you test often till you see INR back in range and do not forget to make notes about how it behaves on different days and different doses. That is how we learn to manage.

    Have a nice day Tim!


  • Your health comes first, I hope things improve a lot for you, hoping your Fragmin really helps. you. MaryF

  • Thanks Mary have a nice day 👍

  • Hi Tim

    I used to test every day or other day, when I was on Warfarin; I'm now on Fragmin for life.


  • Who put you on to fragmine??

    So prof hunt last Tuesday said to me wafrin was not working because of the mircro clots which showed up on my last ct scan ! Told her my inr keeps crashing

    How and when did they decide to put you on fragmine David 👍

  • Hi Tim

    Prof Hughes put me on Fragmin, when I saw him at London Bridge Hospital, and his decision is also supported by, the not to be confussed, Prof McHugh's team at the Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases, in Bath.

    I would never willingly go back onto Warfarin.


  • Tim have you eaten or drunk anything different over the Easter weekend? I suggest you start a food diary so you can look back when your INR changes and see if there are any similarities that could be the cause. It's a great way to find and get to the bottom of things.

    Prof Hunt would be the person to make a decision about changing you to heparin from warfarin.

  • Did do I food diary once before could see any thing out of the ordering on it when I spoke to pro hunt we where both baffled why it does it 😳

  • Mine has been lower than normal and I started to get numb tongue and tingling lips at 3.3! I've been on fragmin for 4 days until today it's finally a bit higher (had vein draw as well as checked on my coaguchek)

    I've been off sick for a few weeks since the neurologist finally told me I'd had spinal stroke. After two years of pain and worry and 22 doctors I decided I needed time off from work as well.

    Take it easy and I hope you're back in range soon x

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