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blood results

Hi All

I had some blood tests done privately for hypothyroid (as I've been feeling so ill)

the thyroid tests were all fine but surprisingly they also tested for B12 and VitD

The B12 they said was abnormal (my result was 134)

They said that a range 140-250 is insufficient and below 140 deficient

Also the Vit D level was 14 and again they said deficient is below 25 and insufficient was 25-50

My question is will the doctor take my blood tests seriously as they have been done privately at a recommended lab on this site

Too say my Gp is a little rushed and impatient is an understatement and I always feel like such a hypochondriac tha'ts why I had them done privately

I'm anxious about going to see him and wonder can I treat myself with over the counter pills

Thanks so much for your help


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I notice you have also posted this in another forum so will probably get other answers there. You most definitely should share these results with your GP. You are extremely deficient and need urgent supplementation. B12 will need injections at least once a week which your surgery will have to do. You will also need a loading dose of Vit D of something like 20,000 3 x a week for 3 months (thats what my GP gave me) so an urgent visit to your GP IS in order. Please take a friend, family member, or advocate with you to fight your corner. I would NOT in this instance try buying the supplements yourself as you need to be monitored.

I also think you need to tell the GP why you went to a private lab to get the tests done, hopefully this will make them feel guilty about their treatment of you in the past! Let us know how you get on. Oh and one final thing.....get them to test your ferritin while you are there because if that is low other things won't be being absorbed properly either.


Ideally as quoted by Professor Hughes himself, your vit D should sit at 75 or above! Mine does. The B12 is low and you should push for injections. I do not see why your GP should not take them seriously. Also easy to buy vitamin D and treat yourself, however it is best to run it via the GP and consultant and do it via them, also check regarding the other drugs you are taking. Once your vitamin B12 and D climb up, you will feel so much better. Hence my constant nagging on this forum to get people to check out, Thyroid, B12, D and iron as if any of these are out it makes you feel poorly. I take sublingual drops of B12 and B complex, most B12 supplements are destroyed by the stomach before you can absorb them, so sublingual under the tongue works for me, but injections are far superior! Let us know how you get on, be extremely firm with your GP and if necessary take somebody with you, and say how bad you have been feeling please. MaryF

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From my own experience with both of these you will need an injection of Vit d to boost your level to above 25 which is the norm and you will need a loading dose of 5 injection of B12 given over 2 weeks to get your b12 up then it's normally 1 inj every 3 months after this .good luck


The vit c and vit d silk make a big difference to your health. My advice is to tackle your doctor. Buy them over the counter and have the tests repeated in a month. It's vital that u manage your health with the doctor. But all blood labs are different. Ask to have regular testing till u feel really well. Tell him u appreciate his workload but u must feel well. Good luck. Zoe


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