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Update on Warfarin

Hi all! Hope Y'all are well! Just want to let u know I spoke to my doc and he said my memory problems cud be from Warfarin, but very rare! So I said ok I'm rare, I aid you're talking to "DEBBIE," & she gets rare stuff! So he passed the buck and said to go to my primary! No cant he's too overwhelmed with me ! Can't go! So he told me to go to a Neurologist cuz it sounds neurological! Yes first thing I'll go to Neuro doc who DX'd me with a virus! Lol... Nah I'll deal with my memory myself! Sorry I keep posting! I'm not trying to be an attention getter just confused! Thx for all ur caring responses! I'm hear anytime for all of you!!! GODSPEED!!!

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Hope everything levels out for you. MaryF


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