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Excessive Sweating and headaches

Hi everyone! I hope all are doing well and best u can! I have been getting these spells where I can b in an airconditioned very cool place and for no reason I start to get into this cold sweat! It happens every day several time a day! It's yucky and I hate it! I also get weak and have no energy! I'm going thru a lot lately! My prosthetic leg just don't fit anymore! It's shrinking at an unusually fast rate and I'm waking on bone and it's extremely painful! I did so wonderful when I got my leg! I wish the place where I went had prepared me a to what to expect! I'm a very active 63 yr old, love to walk and must run! I was doing all that and did so well I sent mixed signals to family and friends! I seem to b doing well with INR, but will be off this time! That's due to cardiac cath! Also I'm having severe memory problems! So bad I think I cud be getting ALZHEIMERS like my hubby! Unless I'm just so overwhelmed with taking care of 2 adults and not being able to take care of me! I've asked for help from my husbands Medicare, but he's not bad enuf yet to get help! My family and friends call and text me and I was always there to answer and to help! Now I can't and no one understands WHY! No one walks in my shoe , one shoe lol... I still like to joke about my leg! I have to it helps! Love to make fun of myself cuz I can! I'm just feeling useless lately and down cuz I can't do what I use to do! I also get vertigo lately, which I've had in past really bad at some times! I'm feeling like I just can't take on anymore problems! I'm getting to my shutdown point! That's when I stay away from doctors! Lol... Don't remember if I told you I found a wonderful Rheumy! I have osteoporosis! I had it and went on meds for a year and my GYN said I was cured! Rheumy said I need the shots and will go for bone density test! This Rheumy even gave me a coupon for a special pillow and another coupon for special cream for my stump bone pain! Lidocaine! He's pretty funny too!!! Older and respectful! A real old fashioned Doctor! Any advice is greatly appreciated! Thx in advance! Godspeed!!!

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I hope things improve for you soon. MaryF


As alway thank you Mary! Finding a new Rheumy has been a great help! Now dealing with sciatica in both legs! It wakes me up every night and don't sleep much! I shall do stretching exercises today! It's helped me in the past! Thx for ur comment!


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