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Hello all

Hi im so glad i found this forum because i no no-one not even my GP who knows anything about this syndrome ive had it since about the age of 21 when i had my first DVT but wasnt diagnosed until the age of 38 after the loss of my 5th baby (i have been lucky and had 4 children though) all the things i suffer from now make sense its nice to meet likesyndromed people lol

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Hello and welcome, where are you located? My current GP's were given several books and films by myself to wade through and most by Prof G Hughes, they soon got up to speed. MaryF

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Im in Derbyshire


Yeah! This is such an informative forum! Glad that I too found this


Hi Amos1,I am sorry that you have had this syndrome from such a young age.I was in my fifties when I was diagnosed and find it quite disturbing that so many medical professionals do not take it very seriously! One GP I came across who had a little knowledge,struggled to believe that I had three children and no miscarriages prior to the onset! Having an illness which is so poorly understood can be very frustrating and makes the patient feel like a hypochondriac! I suppose that we are forced to be up to speed with our condition and it must seem rather obsessive


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