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Billary colic/ gall bladder attacks but no gall stones

i have had 7 gall bladder / billary colic attacks since March and 4 in the last two or three weeks , I am waiting to get seen by the general surgeon , when done an ultra sound in March confirmed no gall stones but thickness around gall bladder wall , has anyone else suffered from these attacks with no gall stones ? My question is will they take the gall bladder away because I suffer from. APS , I have been sticking to my diet for this because it's all to do with Fat , I would just be interesting to know from experience if anyone suffers from this also and what they did for you ? Thanks


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HI, not necessarily, but one point to look at is, people with a Thyroid problem often get gall bladder problems, and this is often missed due to the over reliance on the TSH test: It is very common with autoimmune disease including Hughes Syndrome, to develop a Thyroid problem:

Biliary Dyskinesia - also known as Low-Functioning Gallbladder

Acalculous cholecystopathy which means disease or condition of the gallbladder without the presence of gallstones. You might also call it functional gallbladder disorder or impaired gallbladder emptying. Some causes may be chronic inflammation, stress, a problem with the smooth muscles of the gallbladder or the muscle of the Sphincter of Oddi being too tight. Also, research shows that hypothyroidism contributes to biliary dyskinesia.

Symptoms of Biliary Dyskinesia - right upper quadrant pain in the absence of gallstones. Any gallbladder symptoms may accompany this problem as it results in lack of concentrated bile from the gallbladder to digest fats.



Hi, I suffered with attacks for over 2 years, no stones but did have "Phrygian cap” - they really didnt want to remove because of my APS & SS, but I had tried everything they suggested!! At the time I also became wheat intollerent, which if I ate wheat increased the attacks.

I did have the gall bladder removed, the dull ache & pain was immediate on waking up after, also not had any probs eating wheat since!

Best instant pain relief surgery I have had.

Hope you get a good outcome - follow your instinct.


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