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Hi Folks

Well, wednesday night i had to phone for an ambulance as i was in a lot of abdominal/back pain. To cut a rather long story short i was discharged yesterday (sunday). i have been told i have multiple gall stones and that my gall bladder is very inflamed and i have to have my gall bladder out sometime within the next few weeks.

My question is, could this be related in any way to Hughes syndrome?

i saw my gp last week and she agreed to refer me to a haematologist in wishaw - dr annielle hung. hooray !!

anyway, as i said, was just wondering if these stones could in any way be related. not looking forward to anaesthetic as had bad reaction last month to it after another op!!

Thanks in advance and hoping you are all as well as you can be!

Linda xx

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Gall bladder disease hurts like hell I had mine out approx 12 years ago b4 I got DX with Hughes Syndrome It was the best thing I ever did as there was no more pain I had 8 stones I kept them for years lol I had the Operation where they use a camera can't remember now what it's called Good Luck sweetie x


Hi Linda,

I feel your pain, I had multiple gall stones, very painful. I had the keyhole operation to remove my gall bladder and it was a great relief not to keep getting the attacks. I suffered a massive DVT after my gall stone surgery though about a month after. A year after this I was diagnosed with APS. But I don't know whether the two are related or not. I kinda think they are as my fatigue and brainfog started a little while before the gall stone attacks, so they definitely overlapped.

Hope you get your operation soon.

Best Wishes



I don't think there is a direct link per se. Stones are made up of Cholesterol mainly or rarely the residue of anaemia. Many of us may well have either been on statins or as a result of an acute attack found they are APS because of the tests run at that time - Serendipity! Good Luck.


and get them to check for autoimmune thyroid issues whilst they are at it, as this can sometimes show up, if they are testing your blood anyway this will be no big deal for them to do at the same time. Keep us posted and the best of luck. Mary F


I had 10 nasty stones and mine was severly inflammed. Had the surgery, they could not do the key hole so i have a very large scar. Eat fat free bland food until the surgery that will help the pain. I lived on fat free yogurt and water, while my inr came down for surgery. Good luck hon.



I had my Gall bladder removed about 12 years ago, I had the operation on the Wednesday and by Saturday I was cooking for everyone and very relieved to be out of pain.


i had mine out before dx, i was 36yrs old and had 63 stones! and the pain before it was removed is indescribable!


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