APS and arthritis go hand in hand?

Someone had posted about neck and arm pain. It had me thinking about my own issues. I do have a partial fusion in my neck, as well as arthritis in my hips and knees ( only 3 areas I have had testing on). Does APS cause arthritis, or even the bloodthinnera I am on? I walk with a cane most times, and a walker some of the time when it's bad. But my hips are extremely painful and I was just wondering if it may be connected. I was a very fit person before my illness destroyed my body. I worked out all the time, and now I am frail as ever.

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  • I don't have arthritis, took me forever to convince the doctors my right knee has torn ligaments as they just kept saying it was arthritis even though the xrays showed no evidence of it. I eventually had a private Mri and found a doctor who believed what they clearly showed and agreed to operate to reattach the ligaments. I was also extremely fit and although I've had a bad year with ligaments, firstly my shoulders and then my knee, I would never describe myself as frail or having a body that was self destructing. My knee is still recovering but I'm hopeful it will recover to an acceptable level eventually.

  • HI, I know I always says this, but do make sure your main consultant and GP are scrupulous about testing your vitamin D levels also your Iron and B12 that and a Thyroid panel, as any of those out of kilter can make you worse, plus of course some of us ditch gluten. I do hope they can help you a bit more. Always a good idea to have a drug review for your anticoagulation or other things regularly anyway. MaryF

  • I have RA Fibromyalgia + APS.feel if you have one auto immune disease you collect others.got APS last thou.but it makes you think

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