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APS and arthritis go hand in hand?

Someone had posted about neck and arm pain. It had me thinking about my own issues. I do have a partial fusion in my neck, as well as arthritis in my hips and knees ( only 3 areas I have had testing on). Does APS cause arthritis, or even the bloodthinnera I am on? I walk with a cane most times, and a walker some of the time when it's bad. But my hips are extremely painful and I was just wondering if it may be connected. I was a very fit person before my illness destroyed my body. I worked out all the time, and now I am frail as ever.

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HI, I know I always says this, but do make sure your main consultant and GP are scrupulous about testing your vitamin D levels also your Iron and B12 that and a Thyroid panel, as any of those out of kilter can make you worse, plus of course some of us ditch gluten. I do hope they can help you a bit more. Always a good idea to have a drug review for your anticoagulation or other things regularly anyway. MaryF


I have RA Fibromyalgia + APS.feel if you have one auto immune disease you collect APS last thou.but it makes you think


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