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Hustoric blood clot found in cerebellum

Hi guys, after an MRI on my brain I saw Dr Robinson at St Thomas' yesterday and it turns out i have an old blood clot in th back of my brain which means i once had a minor mini stroke. This came as quite a shock, as despite the migraines and an episode of loss of feeling in my arm once, and a temporary loss of sight just once too over the past 15 years i have had no other major episodes (aside from miscarriage) and she referred to it as cerebral APS.

Has anybody else had similar experiences? It's fine, just an affirmation of requiring anticoags for the rest of my life but the idea that it happened without me knowing seems weird.



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My stroke was in the cerebellum as well as in the occipital lobe. This may well explain your temporary loss of sight and balance issues. Im on lifelong anticoagulation too.


Wow, better late than never!! MaryF


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