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Is someone squeezing my brain?

Does anyone else get a feeling that their brain is being squeezed. It is more irritating than painful, kind of a sharpish squeezing feeling. Sometimes it is all over at once, and other times it is a section of my brain (like the right front) that feels it. I know our brains don't have nerves, so it isn't actually my brain, but it feels just like that. Does anyone else get this?

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Not squeezing, more of a hammer to my hand a pain to knock me out i classify it as being the "hammer headache" goes away with cocodamol though.

No.. mine is more of an all over headache with then usually one side or the back complete agony, Mary F x

YES!!!!! I really do and they were described by my neurologist as bitemporo-parietal pain that is a pressure coming in attacks lasting hours to three days and diagnosed as post traumatic migraine from my Stroke. He said it would last from 3 - 5 years!!

So I hope that makes you feel better that there are real words to describe that feeling you are getting!!

Mine seem to last only a few seconds at a time, and they may occur 2 times in an hour or 10 times in an hour, and they may happen in the evening for a bit, and then nothing until the middle of the next day, or they may persist off and on all day long. It is not something I can take a pain medication for. It isn't even easy to pinpoint the pain's location, and it varies. It is as if my brain is a getting little electric shocks at different, random places. You know that feeling when you get a shiver all over your body and it ends in your head? It's like that feeling times 100. WEIRD!


Yes I get a pressure in my head either when INR is high/low but when it is half way fine. I mentioned to the consultant in London and was told it was due to TIA also I get a cold feeling on one side and then another time as though my brain on fire they said it was due to the part when the TIA was in brain.

Hi yes I get this all the time, its getting so bad I suffer about 3/4 times a week from it. Im starting to miss days of work as I cannot function my eyesight becomes blurry and I feel dizzy. I suffer from high blood pressure and have been told its bad hypertension that i'm suffering from and nothing can be done. I cannot continue to live like this!!

Have you seen an APS-doctor for these things? If you have APS (?) it is exstremely important that you lower your bloodpressure.

Where are you from? Who is treating your APS?

Best wishes from Kerstin in Stockholm

So this just happened to me last night...just lasted a couple of seconds, but my brain felt like it was being squeezed. Not painful, just very weird feeling and didn't know if anyone knew the cause?

You have answered a 2 year old post now.

Do you have APS (Hughes Syndrome)?

If you have APS or the symptoms of it, perhaps better put a new post on this site and you will probably have more answers.

Kerstin in Stockholm

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I do its scary cause i its going pop

I can relate ! I need help!

You have just joined and answered s very old post - do you have APS/Hughes? If so, please start your own post and tell us about yourself. I will be closing this thread.

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