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Unexpected Pregnancy with APS

I had a positive pregnancy test this morning. Last year my OB/GYN told me that carrying to term could kill me. I'm at the doctor now, waiting. I've been switched (first call was to my hematologist) from Pradaxa to Lovonox shots.

My husband doesn't know yet because he's at work. I start law school next year. I'm worried about everything but also about how to tell him. We had agreed not to have kids. Now this. I don't even know if I have a question. I'm terrified. I've known about my APS for about 15 years.

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Hi are you in the USA, as if so your doctor needs to urgently contact one of the doctors off here: apsaction.com/ to guide to realistic help. Other members on here may have more localized knowledge if you give your location. Kind Regards MaryF

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Congratulations sillygoose08. I just gave birth to my third child 3 months ago. I to took lovonox shots with this last pregnancy. After 4 miscarriages it was found that i carry a genetic tendancy to clot and took baby aspirin to carry almost full term my first two live babies. Who are very healthy. I miscarried two more times before I was found to also have APS (along with a list of other autoimmune diseases and epilepsy). After the last miscarriage my Rheumatologist demanded that I shouldve been put on lovonox. I found myself pregnant again less then a year later. And despite the fears and worries from everyone around me that another pregnancy would do me in, I continued through this time fighting for proper care and medication. I am happy mother of yet another beautiful, healthy baby boy of 3 months. This time around thanks to the lovonox shots that were started as soon as got out of denial and took a pregnancy test (9 weeks) and progesterone shots at last trimester, I at the age of 39, had the best low risk pregnancy thus far. No diabetes, high blood pressure, extreme endema, etc.. Only slightly low iron towards my last trimester. And I carried for almost 39 weeks. This drug did wonders for me. Chin up, try not to worry and try to enjoy one of the most awe inspiring experiences one can have. Many women with autoimmunes actually go into remission and/or experience milder symptoms of their disease(s) while being pregnant. I pray you too are one of those. It might be tough sometimes on your psyche when you are met with disapointment and fear from other people when you share your news. That is a hard one. Aren't people around you supposed to be over- joyed by such news. (My mom cried when I told her and was so upset. Many people frowned and were mad at me, saying this baby is going to kill you, how could you. Not like I planned it people!!! But they will get past that fear and start to show the happiness this news brings. You too will be able to feel the joy!! Best of luck to you, baby and husband. Make sure you get into a high risk clinic who will keep a close eye on you and baby. (The fun part about that is you'll get lots of ultrasounds throughout). Sending a prayer your way ☺


Get on the heparin and aspirin and listen to some mindfulness. Treat every week as a hurdle you can overcome. X


Hi there Sillygoose08, there are many of us on here that have had successful pregnancies with the APS diagnosis. I understand you must be very worried by what your doctor has told you however doctors cannot predict all outcomes. The joy and blessings of my 2 children have far outweighed the stress and injections. I too pray that in time people including your husband will celebrate the new life in you and not frown on you. PM me if you have any questions or you want to chat further.


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