APS and alcohol

Hi does anyone with APS find that the effects of alcohol are exaggerated. I have been recently diagnosed and have found periodically my body will not tolerate any amount of alcohol - occasionally I can have a few drinks and feel ok the next day, but more often than not even if I have one drink it will result in extreme fatigue, aching limbs and migraine type headaches. Just wondered if anyone has similar experiences?

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  • I have heard that certain types of wine can trigger migraines, but don't care for most myself.

  • Yes, also get the aching limbs and tiredness. To be honest, I'm lucky if I can get past a couple of drinks without falling asleep. Just put it down to all the medications. At least it's saving me from myself - I'll never become an alcoholic!!

  • I'm only taking baby aspirin at the moment and experienced this effect before I started taking them. I guess I will get used it abstinence (not worth the feel so rubbish the next day!), but I did enjoy a the odd drink now and then :-(

  • I think everybody varies with alcohol, according to medication, mix of disease etc. For me since giving up gluten, I realized that the lager I used to love was making me sneeze, I am better off having the odd vodka and tonic or a couple of glasses of red wine, but not all the time. I often think I have discovered a wine that give me no headache only to find the next time it does. For me it really is dependent on how well I am before having a drink. MaryF

  • Yes I get it all what you have listed after just one glass of wine !

  • Wow I never thought of the correlation between APS and alcohol to be honest,only one drink makes me feel like I've had a skinful the next day, and I'm drunk after 1!! Just thought I was a lightweight, I don't drink much to be honest, can't be putting up with it, I don't sleep which is torture. This was before all medications so its not related to that x

  • Any change in diet or habit can affect our blood and our blood affects us more than 'norms' and I was told early on drinking alcohol is absolutely fine as long as you do it regularly...... So I try to have as much Guinness as regular as possible...

    No joking apart I agree as I think I do feel it a little more and in general probably drinking less than half I used to which wasn't a lot TBH

  • I can no longer tolerate alcohol at all; if I drink even a very small amount I get the symptoms you describe. I don't know if it's the APS or not as I also have other conditions, including a form of orthostatic intolerance in which alcohol intolerance can be common. I wasn't a great drinker but I do miss a nice glass of wine or whisky now and again :(

  • All my life I've been unable to cope with alcohol, so I've given it up altogether. I would have migraines, weakness of limbs, palpitations and dizziness with just half a glass of wine! I'm sure it's the APS, as I also have Reynolds and a connective tissue disorder and I think alcohol affects my blood circulation. Now I'm warfarin I choose to avoid alcohol as my INR isn't stable.

  • I always fall into the trap of having a drink thinking it will make me feel better but then I feel awful the next day- really achy, swollen joints etc even after 1-2 glasses

  • Hallo,

    I wonder if you are on any anticoagulant-treatment for your APS? Does it work?

    Kerstin in Stockholm

  • I mean anticoagulation-treatment. Sorry


  • Haematologist said as low APS results treatment not required and discharged me but as I have many of the symptoms, aching joints, extreme fatigue etc, etc my GP has referred me to London Rheumatologist and agreed I should take baby Aspirin in the mean time. Been taking them a week and have seen a slight improvement.

  • Baby-Aspirin helped me also a lot the first years. Good that your GP understands better and refer you to a Rheumatologist. Hope he understands APS.

    Good Luck and stay on here.

    Kerstin in Stockholm

  • It's reassuring to learn that I am not the only one to experience increased symptoms after alcohol - was beginning to think I was imagining it!

    I'm not a big drinker but do like to have a few drinks on the odd night out - but looks like I will become the nominated driver from now on! :-(

  • Hi I have trouble sleeping and asked my doc if I cud have a hot tody at night. He never said no drinking in commadin/Warfarin! He said it wouldn't give me a sound sleep! Next time I went to c him I told him I tried a hot tody and slep like a baby! Oh he said ur not supposed to drink on Coumadin! It changes ur INR levels! So of course after one drink my levels were off and he kinda blamed the liquor! I'd like to tell him to give me something to help me sleep then! He said take benedryl at night! Since I do suffer from bad allergies I do take it and sometimes it helps! So now I'm careful not to have a drink! White wine cuz red wine triggers my migraines! Good luck my dear!

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