Which doctor should I see?

Hi and thanks for all the help and reassurance this forum offers. I've been diagnosed with APS three years ago and since then have traveled to the UK once a year to see Prof. Khamashta. My yearly check up has passed and, as he's away, I'd really appreciate recommendations on any of the other doctors at the London Bridge Lupus Centre. Thanks!

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  • I always see Prof Hughes have for 8 years good luck

  • Thanks. I understood that Prof Hughes was unavailable.

  • He is back now

  • Will make an appointment! :)

  • I don't think Prof. Hughes is seeing new patients but maybe he will make exception while MK is away. I wish he would return I'll be waiting on the tarmac!

    Is your picture of a dobe, we have had 5 they are simply adorable.

  • Thanks, I'll try him anyway. Bertie is a min-pin, so he looks like a mini-dobe. He's an angel!

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