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Neuropathy Symptoms?

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Has anyone experienced symptoms of transverse myelitis or guillain barre? I experienced acute urinary retention for several days, part of which I had a burning/tingling sensation on my pelvic area and feet.  My bloodwork showed cardiolipin antibodies but I have never had a clotting event or miscarriage. Could there possibly be a relation? The symptoms seem to have gone away on their own with no treatment. 

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Hi there, enclosing this for you: rheumatology.oxfordjournals...    and

Some patients also have a history of glandular fever.    MaryF


Me!! Last year I had bilateral leg numbness, difficulty walking and no sensation in my bladder. Drs didn't actually have a clue what was wrong with me. I recovered from the numbness to be left with excruciating leg pain and muscle tightness. All the time this went on Drs dismissed me. 

Not until this year after having a TIA and being diagnosed with APS did they finally admit I probably had a spinal clot! 



I had problems with passing urine which greatly improved when I was prescribed Hydroxychloroquine, it has to be the placqunil type, I am on 400mgs a day

Hopefully it might help you 


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