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linking to APS on the web

Hi All

I notice several of you advocate and educate others about Hughes Syndrome.  I have a website for my business and wondered it I could put a link to the charity website?  Or is this not the done thing?  I don't want to step on anyone's toes.

Also, is there a succinct paragraph stating what Hughes is and some of its symptoms that I could also put up?

Thanks for all your great work.


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Hi, if you contact Kate Hindle at the charity, I am sure she can help you with that.  Best wishes.    MaryF

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Thanks Mary


Thanks Mary. Yes, please contact me at the charity on


I used to have  a couple of active websites completely unrelated to Hughes and I used to include a link to HSF  amongst my 'other links' simply to spread the word. I also linked to  a few other sites of interest that I supported.

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