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Pain and body aches

Hi just to let u know it's been 6 hours of torturous pain! I've had these body aches that come on like intense labor that last for 2-3 hours! It's 5:30 am in USA and the pains started at 11pm last night! I got up to try to go to hosp myself but not strong enuf to drive now! Maybe later! My hubby just got out of hospital and too much for him! The pains after almost 7 hours are starting to subside now! I don't understand why they come and go! This last bout was beyond pain! I prayed God to take me away that's how bad it was! Can u get a blood clot in ur lower back? The pains are in my neck, my hea, mainly low back, and both legs! My stump hurts too! I thought it was 24 hr virus, but this is third day! I will call my primary and know his answer already! It's really a waste of time to call him! I'm too complicated for him too as I was for Dr. ERKAN! I only trust one hospital where I use to work and will get answere there! I'm a patient of the CEO there and a friend and he will help me! He sees me for free and so does his friend my vascular doc! I just hate taking advantage, but must now! 

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Any suggestions as to what this is or if anyone out there has ever had something like this I'd appreciate it! Thx in advance! God Bless Y'all!!!


Hi, you must go to hospital, please show them this medical paper in case of relevance!  They must check your liver and bowel etc etc:


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I'm sorry you're suffering so much. This pain you describe I believe I had last year before diagnosis. I had severe pain in both legs and low back, blurred vision as well. My MRI was clear and I was sent home as a psychological nutter! This lasted on and off for months - I couldn't go to work or function and all my tests were normal. 

I believe I had a clot in my spine. My GP now thinks I had this as well. 

Since the Drs know you have APS they should at least take you seriously, please go to a&e (ER). 

I hope they can help and you feel better soon xxx

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