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Followup with the Rheumatologist

Result tests were conclusive for APS as well as a positive result for something called, "68 KD Antigen (HSP70)," which is probably the root cause of the Meniere's Syndrome and might be the cause for the high ANA (1:1240). I'm starting Plaquenil today (200mg BID). No blood thinners at this moment because I have upcoming cataract surgery, but I'm continuing with 975 mg aspirin/day and they'll see how I'm doing in three months when they will do additional blood tests.

All in all, I'm a lot more comfortable with this DX than I was a month ago. Thanks, all, for your help during the process. -- Glenn

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Thank you for telling us this and that you feel more comfortable now. Hope the Doctor who is treating you knows APS well so you can ask him any question and he will be able to answer you.

Good Luck with the upcoming cataract surgery! Please tell us how it goes!

Best wishes from Kerstin in Stockholm

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Best  to you and your up coming appointments  

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HI, I note the appointment in 3 months time, but if after your surgery you become worse or develop any more symptoms you must get in touch with them and bring it forward.        MaryF


Given you have not actually had a clotting incident then your medication regime may well be sufficient as the Plaquenil has a little anticoagulant effect. I note your heart valve issues and these are also common with APS. 

I have heard of others with Meniere's and APS who have improved once on a "stronger" anticoagulant but you may well have an issue getting that in the USA! BTW my 86 year old Dad had his cataracts done last week while on warfarin and he's doing well, so a) not a reason obviously to worry about warfarin (I didn't know he didn't have to bridge as not a bloody op) b)he says his sight is already so much better! Good Luck with yours!


Thanks for that information. 

I had cataract surgery on one eye two years ago and had a positive outcome. I expect this one to be routine as well. 

As you've noted, I haven't had a clotting event, for which I am most grateful. If it weren't for the abnormal ANA, I wouldn't know about the APS at all. One of those odd chain of events blood tests bring about, I suppose.


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