Hello all. Finally, some relieving news today. My work insurance will pay permanently until age of retirement. I'm 48 and age of retitirement is 65 here in Canada. After 3 years of appointements, assessments, forms etc, i'm so relieved! Some nights, i still dream i'm going back to work the next morning, but that's getting a bit better now. At least the insurance stress is gone. Just felt like sharing my positive news. Thanks for your ear.

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  • Great news, really pleased for you, MaryF

  • That's really good news! It must be a huge relief for you X

  • Great news for you-you don't need the added stress of fighting insurance company!

  • Really pleased they are doing the right thing, you can have peace of mind now.

  • Result- at last. Best wishes.

  • Congrats on you mission!

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