Social security disability?

I have applied for social security disability and after 11 months was denied even though I can no longer work as an EMT and I am extremely fatigued, have memory loss or periods where I can barely remember my name. Anybody else applied? I am only 31 which I think is hard for the ssa to grasp. What do i do now that I cant work....? worried :(

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  • You need to appeal this.

    Is there anything you might be able to do?

  • I hope to find something soon..With the fatigue and being down to one lung I get winded very easily. Ive also got regurgitation of my tricuspid valve which slows me down a bit....havent been able to find a job that will accommodate my tiredness. I lost my insurance when i quit working and have hired a lawyer to do the appeal but its a waiting game. I know things will turn around but this is stressing me to the max. Thank you Kristina.

  • Hi EMT

    you may want to talk to these guys they may be able to help you as they are a charity to APS in America and they may be able to give you support, I also know there is some infor i had on benfits will did it out and post.


  • Get a disability lawyer and appeal. They ALWAYS deny it the first time.

  • get a lawyer involved. And keep appealing.

  • I think sometimes it is what the drs have put in their notes, and what person you get to review your application. I know someone who was approved shortly after they applied, but they had very very detailed information, and did not hire an attorney. I think it depends on many factors. Most importantly you need to keep appealing. Good Luck

  • Thank you so much to all of you who answered! I have hired a lawyer and plan to appeal the denial. This is soo hard. I couldn't do it if I hadn't found the outpouring of support from all of you on this site. I love all. Thank you so much again...Heather <3

  • Good luck, with it all. I am not sure if you are in the US. I am in the process of been reassesd. It is stressful. Do not give in you need the financial help. It's not your fault you have the conditions.

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