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Vaccinations and Flu Shots

Have any of you had adverse reactions after taking the Tdap vaccination? I was told back in 1996 that I should never ever have a flu shot because of all the steroids that I was given to keep me going. Now I have my 1st grandson due in September and I'm told that if I want to see him I must get this vaccination. I am also fighting a MAC lung infection as well. No one has put two and two together yet and thought to be afraid of my MAC lung infection. Obviously I do not want to infect my grandson with anything, but I'd also like to avoid some sort of medical event in myself if I can. I can forego meeting him for a few months if necessary to protect him from these issues.

I have emails into the pulmonologist and the internist docs so we'll get the scoop from them, I'm just wondering if any of you patients have had experience with vaccinations and APS.


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I don't know if this is relevant to you – but many years ago, my rheumatologist told me that flu shots are good, in fact encouraged, but pneumonia shots were contra-indicated for patients with autoimmune issues.


yes my Rheumatologist discourages "live virus" vaccines...Flu one is OK


Some people do very well on these, others do not, due to the fact I have severe reactions to drugs and infections, (Steven Johnson Syndrome). My GP told me I should never have it. MaryF


i have a "flu shot" every year without a prblem...My Rheumatologist discourages vaccinations w/ "live viruses" shingles


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