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APS and Flu Vaccinations

For info of all concerned, may I make you aware of the information that follows, that has just come out in the HSF newsletter today 27th October 2014. Hope it helps.

"This is a question we are asked many times during the

winter months so ... if you have primary APS/Hughes

syndrome then, yes, it is considered safe and effective

for you to have the flu jab. However, if you are taking

warfarin it is important to monitor your INR a day or two

after having the vaccine, as it has been reported that

your INR can increase slightly."

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Thank you for popping this on, it is always helpful when people load up the information from the HSF charity website, thank you. MaryF


Hi Tim

Thanks for this.

I, personally, have always felt ill for about 6 weeks after having the flu jab so I avoid having it.

See you at our next APS SW meeting, when Dani has fixed the date.

Best regards.



Thank you Tim!



Thank you for that info. I wondered why I had to sign my life away when I had it this year. It made it sound like you couldn't have it if you are on warfarin so good to know that we should monitor the INR after.

My only side effect was a sore arm for a day or two.


Lol since I've had the flu jab my inr has plummeted to 1.8 nothing else has happened the inr nurse's are using a new machine as well so they expected the readings to cone back low but said this machine is more accurate - my blood has been always stable between 2-3 with the old machines I'm just wondering if my inr count has always been low and the machines have always been wrong or whether the flu jab I had that and the pneumonia jab at the same time has effected my inr reading I'm now taking 11mg of warfarin and planquenil on a daily basis til my blood sorts itself out


Hallo again,

APsnotFab and I advised you to go back to that APS-doctor that you had tried to have contact with who was close to your home also.

How did it go?

I absolutely believe you need help from a doctor that knows what all you illnesses do to your body. That must be an APS-doctor. We know all of us here how very important it is! He/she knows other autoimmun illnesses and knows also the symptoms and can distinguish them from eachother.

Please stay on here and let us know how it goes for you!

My best wishes go to you!



Hi hun

I've got an appointment with my gp on november 4th to sort referrals out the last appointment that I got to see the gp was only a small appointment so she picked the easiest referral which was a dermatologist I also need referrals to a neurologist dermatologist and of course the aps specialist so she's made me a double appointment to go through them with me she is in agreement with me that I need a specialist so half the battles done it's just the referral to do now and it can't come soon enough for me now just so everyone is working from the same page


We have found that the neurologists do not understand APS so good. But try to be refered to an accepted APS-specialist. It is the APS-specialist that shall refer you to the dermatologist or neurologist (it he/she thinks you need one).

As this illness atacks all parts of the body the APS-specialist has to be "in charge" so to say.I have learnt that he/she can point out to the GP what drugs or others you must have.

Hope you understand that I only want to help you as I know how very difficult your situation is.

Why not be refered to London? I live in Sweden so I do not know what the different costs and districts or privat clinics means. I want you to have the very best whatever it is!



I have epilepsy so have to see a neuroligist as well to try and control that part of my illness although now with tje diagnosis being given of all my other illnesses that has been said I've probably had all my life that this could be the cause of my seizures as well x


Well, I really hope you let the APS-doctor take a firm hand with you and all the illnesses. Maybe also part of the epilepsy could be better if you see him/her.

Best to you from Kerstin and Good Luck!!


My inr needs to be between 3.5 & 4. It's been stable around the 4 mark for just less than a year after months & months of trying to get it the right level. I had my flu jab last tuesday and my blood checked yesterday. The Warfarin clinic rand to let me know that my inr had gone up to 6.2 so i'm having to start all over again trying to regulate it...grrrrr...rant over, lol.


Just had mine- all going well so far ;-)


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