Pulmonary Edema

Hello everyone! Does anyone have aortic insufficiency, with pulmonary edema, which is treated with diuretics? If so can they affect your INR much? My specialist is off ill and my cardiologist is on holiday. It's just that I saw a doctor in A&E today who obviously did not have much experience in treating patients with APS and that always makes me suspicious!

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  • Really sorry to hear that, I hope you feel better soon. Don't have any experience in that condition to offer any advice. Are you offered Heparin if warfarin drops too low?

    I hope your specialist is not off too long or he has a replacement. Id consider calling London Bridge if you are worried. They have an excellent cardiologist there that Prof H referred me to. PM me if you need his name and contact No. X

  • Thanks for your advice I appreciate it. I have managed to speak to my Dr. at home and she has arranged for me to see a colleague of hers on Monday. So panic over for the time being. :D xxx

  • Really pleased to hear that. I hope all goes well on Monday. x

  • Ditto! MaryF

  • :D Thanks! xxx

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