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GP Map - UK, Wilts, Salisbury

DR. JUDITH BURNS, Salisbury Medical Practice,

Fisherton House, Fountain Way, Wilton Rd, Salisbury, SP2 7FD

01722 333034

- Finally managed to register with a GP that we're happy with. Just as well as the haematologist has just discharged hubby and he would now be without any further help apart from "checking in not more than once per year". Dr. Burns seems very thorough, and took extensive time to familiarise herself with hubby's condition. Can so far recommend to anyone within striking distance of Salisbury. The best thing about this surgery is ample free parking, and on-site pharmacy (open late), so majorly convenient when he runs out of the prescription he's forgotten to fill in time!!!!

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Thank you for this information.



Thank for starting the GP Map - I will keep a record of it at the charity. One day, when we have time (!) it would be good to make a comprehensive list :)

If anyone else wants to contribute, you're very welcome.

I'd like to add Dr Timothy Stannard, Friarsgate Practice, Stockbridge Road, Winchester, Hampshire, SO22 6EL.

He was happy to take on the management of my APS when I was discharged from St Thomas' and actually picked up that I had virtually no vitamin D left in my system, something that was never checked on in the hospital ... would thoroughly recommend him.

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