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Itching, sore lumps and odd bruises

I've read posts about itching due to aps but usually on limbs and with petachiae. I was wondering if itching on your back and behind knees could be aps-related. It drives me mad at times!!! Ive alwaus had sensitive skin ao put it down to that.

another skin problem that docs cannot explain is little sore lumps that appear on my left thigh and one on my left abdomen when I have inflammatory issues. And they always come with three small bruisesin exactly the same place every time.

Could this be Aps - and how/why?

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Hi Jane, I'm no doctor, but yes what you talk abt I have had so I'd say related to APS! I take antihistamine and Hydrocortisone cream for those horrible, nasty spots, I hope that is some help for you :) keep smiling it could be worse! :0)))


I itch but from Psoriarsis and it flares with either hormones or virus or infection, I keep large stocks of neat aloe vera gel in the house, the plain one with no additives in, including on in the fridge! MaryF


I get small round hard spots behind my left knee{where my DVT was in 2009 } they are shallow vein clot's , i get sores on my back of which i have a steroid cream for , one of the very few steroids i can use . it is -Betamethasone Dipropionate 0.05 %-- i can use it twice a day just on sores- it works in about 2 days if they are not to bad. it is a prescription controlled cream here in the US . i have had attacks with the Pateachiae from my ankles clear to my neck , but that has been 3 years since my last bout with it . hope this helps

C & J


It may not help with the diagnosis, but you might pull out a camera and take a picture of those spots the next time they occur so you'll have something to show a doctor. It's so inconvenient when visual symptoms of a condition go away right before your appointment date.


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