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To all my fellow SLUDGE BLOODS

Another year at end --May we all be looking forward to a better and Happier 2015

2014 UPS --DOWNS -OVER and under s come to a close .

looking ahead to a more healthier - happier - more prosperous NEW YEAR .

From our friends from Sweden to south Africa from Canada to USA

and the great UK .

To our whirl wind couple in England our Royal Couple-- and our lovely Pub Owner .

To our administrators and all the people behind the scenes at Hughes and all their fine work


From Casey and I --:-) :-)

Casey sends a lick and a wag and as for me a big Hughes HUG

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  • Best wishes over the pond to you also. MaryF x

  • Happy and Healthy new year everyone xx

  • Hear Hear Jet! Happy New Year to you and Casey and to Everyone!! :-D

  • Back at ya, man!


  • Here's to a better days ahead...Happy New Years!



  • SLUDGE BLOOD love it that's great

  • LLoydyuk -- we have many names for our GIFT that keeps on giving !!!

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