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2018 be Done

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Well my fellow Sludge Bloods -another years behind us and a NEW more exciting one to come. A WISH to and for all. May our on coming 2019 be a year of comfort & pain-free -& and new discoveries for those who have this disorder , making it a more friendly life for us. So here's a Happy New Year thought to all old and new to this site and forum. So from this cold and snowy evening in N.H. A wish of GREAT TO ALL.

Casey and I

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......and from this hot (38c) spot on the other side of the world greetings and the same to you!

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jetjetjet in reply to Ozchick

Ya Thanks My friend it's 28 degree's here that's what about -6 Cel and snowing - it's 9:47 PM here now and 2 hours and 13 min to go till new year Thanks and the BEST to Ya

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Lure2 in reply to Ozchick

Wow........! We have seen and heard it on the News in Sweden. They talked about over 40 c a couple of days ago.

Take good care and I am sure it will not remain the whole good new year of 2019!

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019 to you and Casey!

Good bye 2018. Happy and healthiest New year i wish for you, hugs to Casey. Stay warm my friend...Cindy

Maybe you should visit West Virginia. We had a high of 60 on New Years Eve and 45 yesterday. But despite this highly unususally warm weather, yesterday, as I was walking in my neighborhood, a neighbor waved, wished me a happy new year from his porch and then complained that it was "so cold. It was so warm yesterday, now its so cold!" I pointed out that 45 in January was already pretty warm. Also -- that everytime the temperature dips into the 20s I (should I feel guilty?) relish the thought of all those ticks dying.

Happy New Year!

Yes Those little blood suckers - we need cold weather but lots of snow is the best for the Black legged tick -our loved deer tick . Do you have a lot of them down there the deer tick in particular . Fish and Game just a bit ago ran article about our Moose population being devastated by the ticks 15,000 found on one moose carcass. high young mortality rate do to lose of blood .we need a cold hard lots of snow winters to cure this problem . Glad to are having great outdoor walking kind of weather .Happy new year to the both of you from the both of us we have also been having 45 mile an hour winds yesterday . putting the chill factor way below zero . Mt Washington had 115 mile an hour winds . But some of the worst weather on this plant has been recorded up there so it isn't surprising . Hugs my friend from Casey and I up here in the freezer . Ha ha

Sludge bloods - love that! 😂Happy New Year!

Same to you -and where do you hang your hat ??

Happy New Year everyone!

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