thank you all

i can't think in my life that i have so confused--- i would like all to think i'm always in control??????????????????? but now i think i'm in a state of just not knowing - a strange feelling- sucks right out loud !!!! but i also think that i am getting a better grip on the whole thing -- if that makes any sense ????-- when we talk here, it is a thing that is more help than one realizes. for this i'm greatful to you all.i guess i'm not as tough as i think i am some times ????? i read more and more , try to apply it to so many --and still ???????????????????????????????????? just one of the many bridges we need to cross.. -----------????????????????????????? just being me i guess

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  • Hi I think I know how you are feeling, sometimes it just hits me just what is happening to me and realise that it's probably not going to get much better. I am now on antidepressants which really helps me.

    I hope you feel more positive soon, I also go on the Nord web site for sneddons syndrome, gosh that is a real eye opener. It made me realise just how cruel life can be. So many horrible syndromes.

    Take care you know you have so much support on here and that these days pass

    Take care

    Karen xx

  • Sending you good wishes all the way from the UK, Mary F x

  • Know exactly where your coming from on all counts. What would we do without each other to talk to when we feel like this? Hang in there Buddy :-) x

  • I would like to know the names of as many different painkillers as possible. I am currently using Buprenorfin.

  • ok all-did my tests- all though there was a problem of what was actually requestered and only arteries were done on thetests ,i guess that 1/2 is better than nothing - the CT scan was more intence that i thought,so what ever-- now i waite??????????????? only i can have such a major f---k up. sorry i know that there are many of us that go thru the same. :-( .had a niece ride home, some parts of this road is very lonely --stoppped bye the lounge and had orange juice ?????????????? or so, can't drink JACK-- nor beer- white russians waswhat they called for, of course virgin :-) as i am. so i guess i waite a week to find out anything. ?????i think as i talked to the tech ---- she didn't see anything- that was the ultra sound -- not so lucky with the C T -nothing i could do there. very tight lipped.-- I am good i think with what ever,there are so many of us out there that have issues. no one is with out concern!!!! god blesss you all---------------------just old me !!!!!

  • Thinking of you Jet :-)

  • i am new to site also...yea it sucks, but so much on here to help..i have learned so much, you are not alone take care chick xx

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