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Hi everyone , i would just like to say thank you to everyone that has helped me on this website , i felt so alone before but now i feel that i have somewhere to go and talk when things are rough or just to ask questions , i havn`t been here for long but i already feel apart of something without having to go out of the house or plucking up the courage to make a phone call , it`s really important to me to be able to just sit at my laptop and blog and someone will talk to me so thank you again to you all for making life that little easier , im so glad that i found this website it is a lifeline. Kim x x

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  • Hi there, what lovely feedback, we are all in a similar boat to a varying degree or two, and nice to hear from you, please have a lovely week-end. Mary F x

  • Thank you Maryf you have a good weekend to Kim x x

  • Thank you Kimmi

    We were all alone in APS, once, until we found our wonderful friends on here.

    Best wishes.

    Dave xx

  • Thank you Dave , i totally agree with you , im so pleased that there are people out there that care , it is wonderfull. Kim x x

  • I find it really hard as I'm only 26 people say to me why aren't you out enjoying ur self if only they understood I have no energy xxx

  • Yes thanks from me too Kimmi, we do our best and as has been said its the same for us all from time to time. People use this site, some more often than others, to get through a sticky period or to just catch up with friends they have found, find info and support others. Whatever the reason we are all here as and when needed, to listen, to support, to help where we can and all are welcome. xx

  • Noodlesrita , that must be tough for you , im 46 and i feel like im 80 , i see people alot older than me getting around better and i find it hard , being 26 must be even harder all i can say is try to keep as active as possible i no thats easier said than done as i am pulled to my bed several times a week but i try to stay possitve as i can PMA possitive mental attitude it does help. Take Care Kim x x

  • Hi

    I know exactly how you feel. I look forward to the updates every morning, they really cheer me up, and I know there's always someone to talk to, or cheer me up if I'm feeling grotty any day. It's a well organised site, and respects peoples privacy too, which means a lot to me. It also saves me moaning to my husband all the time abut how I feel

    Take care and have a great weekend.

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