Warfarin users and muscle strains / tears

Hi all,

I recently had a slight tear of my groin which led to referred pain in my lower back and left gluteal. I had chiropractic treatment on my back to loosen the joints but he was unable to work on the muscles. His fear was that any deep tissue massage could result in bleeding into the muscle. The Anticoag clinic confirmed this so my question is...

Is there any other treatment to speed up recovery times of this type of injury? (other than hot/cold )

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  • Interestingly enough my beauty therapist won't give me anything resembling deep tissue massage but my osteopath (who is fully informed about my medication and conditions, he's an auto-immune victim himself) is quite happy to get stuck in with his elbows.

    Could be worth trying to get the 2 professionals to talk to each other and see if they can hammer out a treatment plan for you?

  • Hi Jojo

    That's interesting. For now I'm just about healed but it was a long process. I've got to go and see the specialists about APS next week so I'll see what they think.


  • I have regular work by both osteopath and physio as well as needling and have had no bruising or bleeding whereas if I bump myself I bruise badly. So worth a second opinion I would think. Also you might ask about cortisone injections if you have lasting muscle pain.

  • I have had messages from my physical therapist, and now, monthly by a message therapist -- and though at first I was rather nervous about bruising it never happened. Of course, my therapist always asked that I lay on the treatment bed with a huge cold pack over my treatment area for a good 20 minutes after message.

  • Hi again - I contacted an anticoagulation nurse at Guy's and they said:

    Deep muscle massage would be contraindicated due to bruising and potential haematoma. Shiatsu massage is also contraindicated.

    Meaning it's a no if you're taking warfarin :(

  • Hi Kate, So it seems my advice was indeed correct. It's a little worrying for those that have been having deep massage then. After all it's not the bruising I was worried about but more serious damage.

    Hope you guys having treatment pass on KateH's words to your therapists.

  • Totally agree - I wanted to check with the experienced nurse just in case. I will be putting something in our next newsletter and eshot to help warn people of the dangers.

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