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High Risk OBGYN experienced in APS/recommendations?

Hi all - I am due for an egg transfer tomorrow or Sunday...yay!!! 4 of our 7 little donor eggs had successful fertilization. :) I have APS and am now on lovenox and aspirin in prep for pregnancy. If the transfer is successful and a baby decides to call my tummy its home for next 9 months, I will need a good high risk OBGYN that knows and is experienced with APS. I know many of you are overseas in the UK...but is there anyone in Massachusetts/USA that can provide a recommendation for whom I might try to engage as my high risk obgyn? I really want someone that knows APS and how unpredictable it is, and that will stay on top of my (eventual) pregnancy without making me feel like a crazy/paranoid person. Any suggestions are welcome, as well all prayers and positive thoughts! After 5 failed IVF's, a DVT with broken ankle and now this diagnosis all in the last two years...I could use all the heavenly help I can get! :)

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The very best of luck to you I will be thinking of you

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Hi all fingers and toes crossed for you, I know I often load up this list, but you may find through one of the contacts in the USA somewhere nearer to where you live, I am sure also other members will help.



I'm in Australia so can't help with doctors in the US but I wanted to wish you all the best and hope that this time is the one for you :-)


Thanks all for your kind thoughts. I underwent a transfer on Sunday of a perfect round little blastocyst of what I am told was very, very good quality (strong and hearty in other words!) I have been feeling OK, and so am praying day and night that this works out. I will know by 8/26 if it has triggered an actual pregnancy!

The sites over here in the US for APS are not as evolved, and the only specialists really near me as referenced on the sites appear to be in NYC. I am amazed there are not more specialists for this disease, esp. in Massachusetts with all the teaching hospitals we have. I will keep hunting! :)


Well, sadly, my (donated egg) blastocyst transfer did not take. I was really surprised, and am super discouraged. I thought now that they found out about this APS ting, and after using a 25 year old's eggs and not mine, I would for sure experience a pregnancy. No such luck. I am kind of at a loss...this makes 6 failed transfers in all...5 with my own eggs and 1 with a donor. The many drugs and hormones I have been on have put me out of remission for my IC, and so I am fairly miserable at the moment. Not really sure if I should try again...I am 43 after all. We paid for a guaranty program, so we have technically 5 more transfer attempts allowed...but I am starting to think maybe it's just not worth all of this. :( Trying to stay positive but it is rough. I am the last of six kids...all my siblings have children...all of my friends have children...even my twin (who has no auto immune issues) has two kids. Feels very unfair. Sorry to vent...but just don't understand what the issue could be and why it is so hard to get pregnant! argh.


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