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Medical advice on pregnancy induction for APS

Well I've made it to 36 weeks of pregnancy and am due to go to my last consultants appointment this week. There are lots of examples of women with APS being induced early on this forum and on the web but does anyone have any links to medical journal papers or other official advice? My consultant doesn't want to go past 40 weeks but the fact that so many other people are induced earlier worries me in case anything happens to my little one. Being able to cite official guidance would give me more confidence discussing this with the consultant rather than citing the personal experience of others. Does anyone know of any?

Thanks in advance,

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Hi, it would appear that many on here have been induced a little before full term, however each case is different, and it is vital that you seek good guidance from your medical team, they will also clearly understand that you are worried. You can try asking them at your appointment, and explain your worries. Many appear to be induced at 38 weeks, but that is not to say that that is the case for everybody. Do let us know what they say, and good luck. MaryF


Good news that you are nearly there! I do not know what the 'official' line is on this - I was told I'd be induced 38-39 weeks. Really just to be on safe side, but baby probably would have been fine to 40 weeks. However, my blood pressure went up (not pre eclampsia though). So I was induced for that reason at 37.5 weeks. Didn't work as too early so had c section at 38 weeks. Ask at your appointment, I was told if signs were baby was fine then no reason not to go nearly to term. Good luck! X


Both of my two where 38 weeks induced. My son 8lb my daughter 7lb 1. They are better out then in with APS suffering mum. Good luck you will be fine. God bless.


My children were born a week prior to due dates because I had to have c sections but that was unrelated to conditions, and my last daughter (when symptoms were worsening but still prior to fx) saw me go into labour at 30 weeks.

Babies are not considered pre term once they reach 37 weeks, and if c sections are needed drs often anticipate due dates.

This is not advice however. A good dr to get advice from with autoimmune and higher risk pregnancies is Mr Shehata at Epsom Hospital.


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