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This was posted on Hughes Syndrome Foundation Facebook page, so felt it would be useful on here- via Kate H

We are appealing for a new mother to give an interview.

Online resource,, want to help raise awareness of Hughes syndrome as they are aware that it is one of the most common – treatable - causes of recurrent miscarriage and want to help raise awareness of the symptoms, so that women who are affected can seek help at the right time.

They'd like to write a feature about a woman who has suffered miscarriages before being diagnosed with Hughes syndrome, and who has since gone on to become a mother. Can you help please?

All that would be involved on your part would be a brief telephone conversation with their journalist (it should only take about 15-10 minutes) at a time that is convenient to you, and you'd need to send them a couple of photos of yourself and your child(ren) to go alongside the piece.

Please do get in touch with me if you can help raise awareness in this way

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Thanks Mary - but a lot of women have already offered to do this and we do have a brave soul who has agreed to do it. She's had five miscarriages in the past and has just given birth to a son :)


Good, I thought you would get a good response, and I will continue to put everything on here. MaryF


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