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Hi the newsworthy Heartbleed Security flaw, some basic tips

Hi guys, there has been plenty in the press about the latest virus which could be a problem on line, so some basic security tips. HU were alerted early and took the necessary action. The latest bug/virus was discovered by one of Google's researchers and also another in Finland. It has also been widely reported in the press even The New York Times. This is something that could affect much across the world on line, and HU did step in swiftly. I noticed that my own account had automatically been logged out!

HU have issued various advice, and it follows here:

This issue is a flaw in OpenSSL, which is the encryption technology that two thirds of the websites, including HealthUnlocked, use. We immediately released a patch to fix this issue and for added measure this morning we logged out every member of HealthUnlocked to make everyone login again.

Though the risk is very minimal, there is a chance that some of your personal information, like your password, in one of your online accounts may have been affected. As a consequence, we strongly recommend that you do the following:

1.log out of websites where you selected 'keep me logged in' & login again

2.update all your passwords

Tips for creating a strong password:


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Hi all

Just to confirm, the Heart Bleed Bug is not a computer virus and is therefore not something that can infect your own computer.

It is a programming error in the code of a program used by millions of company servers around the world, leaving them vulnerable to attach by hackers. A new version of the program was released on the 7th April to fix this vulnerability.

Here is more information:

Take care,



Thank you, I just passed on the relevant information and this great to have this also. MaryF


Thanks to both of you for the information....I glad someone could get they're head around it!! I cant even concentrate to put the right shoes on the right feet at the moment!! x


Join the club and go wild and bare foot! MaryF x


The thought of having to REMEMBER all my passwords to change them is making my brain hurt! :x

I get my computer to remember all mine which is probably a bad idea but it does encrypt them.


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