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Hi everybody, this is a forum which works for everybody, we as unpaid ADMINs give up our time freely to help others, most days of the week, unpaid. Unfortunately at times, like any other forum out there we get the odd troll, we try hard not to engage with them, as behind every troll is usually severe mental health problems and isolation, but nevertheless they wish to cause problems and misery for others. The HU platform is aware of this, and every suspicion is reported and monitored beyond HU itself. We don't like having to take posts down, however if people have become argumentative or aggressive or rude it leaves us with very little choice.

Please be aware that this forum works for everybody, we all help each other.

Please take a look at the guidelines, most of us know about how to behave on a forum.


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  • I agree with my colleague, Mary.


  • Thank you to all the administrators for all your hard work xx

  • Thank you, we do our best. MaryF

  • I am not exagerating when I say I would not be alive today without the help, advice, support and encouragement that ALL the Admins offered to me when I was so very ill. THANK YOU ALL FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. I APPRECIATE ALL THE TIME, EFFORT AND ENERGY THAT YOU ALL DONATE TO MAKE THIS SITE AS SUCESSFUL AND INFORMATIVE AS IT IS. THANK YOU VERY MUCH ADMINS xxx

  • Thank you, we do our best, and like to do it, This forum is for everybody and will continue to be so. Thank you for your lovely comments. MaryF

  • I've often marveled at how generous you, Kirstin and all the other ADMINs are with your time and support. I can't imagine that you don't have the support and gratitude of every single person on this forum, including mine. Trolls need another place to spit their venom. There's no place or tolerance for it here.

  • Thanks we just get on with it, this is how it should be, everybody works hard to make things work, thank you for your kind words. MaryF

  • Your help, support, advice and depth of knowledge is invaluable to those of is who do not know which way to turn. Thank you to you all.

  • It is our pleasure, thank you. MaryF

  • I am incredibly grateful for the job you all do - sometimes APS can feel incredibly lonely and isolating and platforms like this where you can find others to identify and engage with are wonderful. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  • Thank you for your kind feedback. MaryF

  • To all the regulars and admins on here ... Thank you, thank you, thank you......

    You might get told all the time how much you have helped someone find their way along this path of naughty blood shenanigans and for me you have all, with the main web site, provided the information needed to help rationalise, realise and accept the long term consequences but more importantly make us all go 'phew, I am not alone!' and that is beautiful....

  • Thank you, keep well. MaryF

  • Thank-You to all admins.xx

  • Thank you, it is all of us that make this work. MaryF

  • Thank you for running the forum, it's an invaluable source of information

  • Thank you. MaryF

  • Without this site and the support of the knowledgeable admins I would not have had a diagnosis, so a big thank you to you all.

    Your kindness and guidance to be seen at the lupus centre was of great help to me,

    I would like to thank you all for your time and patients.

    Rudeness is not called for, it just shows the ignorance of some people.

    I feel we have enough trouble coping with our health and should not have to tolerate such people. I myself have not come across any animosity on the site in fact quite the opposite.

    Fond regards to you all. xx

  • Thank you, we try hard to accommodate everybody, even if previously their experience of a forum has been a bad one! MaryF

  • Thank you for all your hard work i look at this site most days as its full of information, i would feel very alone with out .

    keep up the excellent work.

  • Thank you, and keep well. MaryF

  • Unlike other forums, you Admins. weigh in and encourage everyone has to be a HUGE job and one for which we are all very very grateful rest assured. We probably don't thank you THANKS just in case we don't always say it.

  • and..... thanks to you too! MaryF

  • Not enough can be said for the work and dedication you all show and do.

    I have been here for 5 years or better and you people as always are the core of this site .

    it's just to bad of some bad apples spoiling the bunch .

    Thank you all for all you do and always being there for us all :-) :-) :-)

    Jet and Casey

  • Thank you for your kind words, keep well. MaryFx

  • No need for "THANKS " all you administrators past and present are like Family as far as i am concerned . And i am sure I am not the only one on here with that outlook and opinion .

    And anyone with discontent or bad concerns should be excited right out of the site until they can be respectful of you administrators , your advise , your comments and in fact every one on this site !!! :-)

    You guys are the back bone and the nerve center of this group .. and I mean that whole heartily.

    credit where it is due and reserved !!!!!

    Casey and "JIM "

  • OOPS DESERVED !!!! sorry brain cramps :-)

  • Best wishes to you. MaryF

  • I have also been here for more than 5 years to and through as Jet and Casey and I know very well that you are an excellent team and without you 3 this illness would not be known like it is.

    Not to forget Professor Graham Hughes!

    Love from Kerstin in Stockholm

  • Thank you, and cheers to you over in Sweden, we always appreciate your 'Swedish Eye' on things. MaryFx

  • MY friend and Buddy from Sweden . Many of the past administrators such as Sheena -- Suz --- Pattie -- Kerstin --and i am sure i am missing some more . all have made this site what it is now . !!!

  • I agree, I was at my most helpless with this condition when I found this forum.

    Thank you from me!

  • Thank you. MaryF

  • Thanks to all of you for your hard work and time that you put in .

  • Thank you very much. MaryF

  • I have been threw so much with this disorder { 25 Dia. problems} most directly related to the APS .

    27 pills a day to survive .

    blood panels every 3 days { but never more than a week } to make sure i am not plummeting or sky rocketing out of site

    since my Dia. in Sept 1 2009 all my problems , hospitalizations for site , balance , projectile vomiting , muscle spasms , 2 types of tremors. ETC

    Finally in Nov. 2 2011 when i got Dc Chou did i start to get help and was found to be primary triple and over 120 tests done did things get under control.

    they sum up all my Dia. as a " medically complex patient "

    Threw all this -- " The mud the blood and the beer " sort of speaking all my emotional set backs --These people mentioned -and the entire group past and present have been my emotional and medical advisers.- warm hearts helping hands and the best advise .

    with out them all i would most likely not be here now and the older ones here will remember all i have been threw with them !!!!!

    My hat is off to all and my heart felt appreciation for them just being them from all over this planet ..

    Thanks actually to you all

    BIG HUGS from Casey amd I !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I don’t react very often, but you administrators all do a great job!

  • Thank you. MaryF

  • Loving the Love for the Admins

  • Thank you, and every time I see you name, I feel hungry! MaryF

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