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Hi, I am told by my MD that I am a complex case so they would not be surprised what turned up. I have recently (3 months)developed beau lines on my fingers and thumbs. These are line that go horizontal on your nail and look like indentations. They are a little painful when you press on the indent. My Nails are also crumbling. I have Hughes, Arthritis, Sjogrens, Temporal Arteritis, Glaucoma amongst other things.

Has anyone else got these lines and if so what treatment or comments were said about them? TIA

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  • Hi, I have APS & SS, I have them only on my thumb nails, mentioned them to liver specialist - he made no real comment!! Ive just ignored them with no treatment.

    My friend who has thyroid problems has them severly with crumbling as well, she was told this was due to her desease.

    Perhaps get your thyroid checked? Goes along side Hughes, SS etc.

  • Hi, I had these when pregnant with my daughter, I was particularly ill when I had them, they went away after that. MaryF

  • I believe this is a thyroid issue and as you know Prof Hughes often talks about the big three of Hughes, Sjogrens and Thyroid. You must ask for a full thyroid panel including antibodies not just the failed TSH and FT4 which tells you not a lot.

    Apart from the nail ridges do you have any other symptoms?

  • The other things going on are: Aching joints, Husky voice, Difficulty swallowing, Plantar foot. fatigue, other skin blemishes, one of which has a biopsy taken and I am waiting for the results.

  • I am to have blood tests tomorrow for thyroid. Is there any that I should check for?


  • Ask for FT3, FT4, TPO Ab and TG Ab as well as the useless TSH or course which they will do anyway. I doubt you'll get those but you can stamp your feet and try!

  • Thanks, I ended up paying for my own tests, which came back as normal. Surprise surprise! At the moment I have numbness in both feet. The beau lines are still there and the nails is dying in parts. Both of my eyes have blown, Uveitis. I am down to 11mg of steroids as I go lower the more joint pain I get. Anyway thanks for your comments they are comforting, knowing that I am not alone helps.

  • No you certainly are not alone Les.

    Im assuming they checked your Vit D, B12 and ferritin. Also magnesium? When you say your Thyroid tests were normal, were they in the normal range and if so where a bouts as this can actually be quite important. For instance FT3 needs to be in the top 2/3rds. Being too low in FT4 is also not good even though is is still "normal". Perhaps post the results along with the reference ranges. Also the numbness in your feet could be a peripheral neuropathy which can be a symptom of low B12. Its very important that this is checked out by nerve conduction tests and your B12 levels. Please ask your GP to arrange this.

    Im posting a link her about Uveitis.

    Im not sure what type you have or if it is autoimmune caused or not but it seems that there are quite a few options for treatment. I hope you are being offered help with this? Are you on the steroids for this condition? If you are now experiencing joint pain then this needs to be evaluated too. Who are you under with your HS?

    I appreciate that it is a lot to deal with all of these things but you must push for the best care you can get, which may come from different specialists. If you need more help please don't hesitate to ask.

  • How can I send you the results of my last test? they are in pdf form?

  • Either type them in or copy them. Block out any info that will identify you then take a photo. You would then either need to create a link to that photo to put into this thread or start a new thread where you simply upload the photo.

  • Here is a link to my last bloods.!Ao1lZY9KXrLpiFi...

  • Les your B12 is extremely deficient you need to be up around 500! Your GP may well argue it's in the "normal range" but it's right at the bottom. Many other countries would not consider it normal and have a grey area which also needs treating. Your ferritin is also low, you would do better with that up around 90 -100. The B12 deficiency I would bet is the cause of your neuropathy which means it's been going on for awhile. Do you by any chance have restless legs? I would make an appointment ASAP with your GP and ask for B12 injections. It should be once a week until symptoms subside!! I'd also pop over to the Pernicious Anemia Society on here at HU and join where you will also get very good advice on this and appropriate levels.

    With Ferritin a good way of boosting is to get a oral iron supplement from Boots like Spatone which you pour into a little orange juice (as long as it's Vit C). It works quite quickly to give you a boost and is well tolerated. Also you might think of taking something like Solgars Vit B Complex 50 or 100 which is a good multi B Vit to take for 3 months or so. This with all the above should help to make you feel better.

  • Thank you, I will let you know how things progress. Incidentally my son has B12 injections for Crohn's.

  • Thats very interesting - I hope your GP is aware of this? Were you ever tested for Celiac Disease?

  • No, she isn't. I spoke with her this morning and immediately went on the defensive and said the last bloods I had were fine. It transpired that the bloods taken for suspect thyroid, did not include B12 or Ferritin. She has agreed to have my bloods submitted again as part of my monthly methotrexate monitoring. Is it possible to have B12 injections privately? Just a thought. Just found out my 6 monthly check with my rheumatologist has been put off until at least September. All this frustration just adds to my situation. Starting to regret moving to Wales.

    Sorry for rambling.


  • I will see what I can come up with as far as giving you some evidence to support you for B12 injections which you will have to get via the GP unfortunately as they have to administer them. You may have to get tough with them because neuropathy if associated to pernicious anemia means that neurological damage is already being caused. Any smart GP should realise the familial links between yourself and your sons condition. My husband was very similar. He presented with extreme restless legs and periodic limb movement. Then the neuropathy was discovered but nobody linked the two. I was at a lecture at the Thyroid conference for Pernicious anemia and heard all the connecting symptoms and had a light bulb moment. My husband had been put on a Parkinson drug for the PLM so I suggested to GP that we did a trial of B12 to see how he got on. If it was successful it was cheaper to prescribe the B12 than the drug so it was an easy argument to win. His RLM and PLM have improved immensely but the neuropathy seems to be perminant damage but at least it won't get worse. I'll come back to you later as I have meetings today.

  • Thank you for your prompt reply x

  • So? Blood results Les?

  • Sorry please remind me

  • B12

  • I had my bloods tested by a private lab and its shows my B12 is very low and ferritin is also low too. I am now having them done by my GP to confirm them.

  • Following advice given to me I have tried a B12 spray which has had a marked improvement. My main battle now is to get my Doctor to agree and give me the injections.

  • Hi, Yes my Blood showed an extremely low B12 and Ferritin. I am now taking under my own steam a B12 boost spray, which I got from Amazon.

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