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Oil Pulling. Does anyone Oil Pull?

I started Oil Pulling maybe it's a coincidence but I feel great!?!

It's so simple but It's supposed to be really good for your health, it's a super detox.

I figure so many of the listed benifits are so closely related to APS I have nothing to lose by trying.

Basically you swish around a pure oil for 20min every morning & it's supposed to "Pull" toxins from your body.

I use Virgin Coconut Oil (unrefined, cold pressed & organic).

I know for sure that after the first week my teeth were whiter, it made a great improvement in oral health & maybe it's in my head but I just feel great. I feel like myself again. I have always loved coconut oil for it's many health benefits but this seems to make a big difference. I was on heparin during my pregnancy but now I only take aspirin.

It was strange the first few times. I pull when I wake up & get ready by the time I'm done my shower & dressed the 20min is up.

I was wondering if anyone else does it or has tried & if it helped with any APS symptoms?

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I just recently read about this. I'm going to get some today and try it.


There are apparently many health benifits not just whitening teeth & oral health. Here's a few that might interest you.

It is said to help or prevent

Chronic blood disorders

Autoimmune disease

Heart attack





Best info:

Quick reads:


Hi, I have heard of this for dental problems, with feedback being quite successful, however of course on here we can't give medical advice or condone anything that would lead people to altering their prescription drugs without full medical guidance. The neat coconut oil is something I now eat daily as part of my health regime, my husband also, as the benefits of it as a butter replacement etc and some research other ailments looks promising. So as part of a health living plan, I shall continue to eat it. I think if anybody wishes to make any dietary changes if on Warfarin or other medication it needs to be done alongside correct medical guidance - I have a nutritionist who helps me with some areas, however I am on Aspirin twice a day plus LDN. MaryF


Hi Mary, I cook with coconut oil & use it in place of butter as well for it's benifits.

The oil used for pulling must not be swallowed though! It's used like a mouth wash for 15-20 min so your not consuming any like a medication it's more of a detox or extraction.

I just wanted to know if anyone else has tried it.

:) and I'm definitely not a Dr lol and wouldn't recommend altering any medication. I'll edit my recommendation.


Thanks and yes I get that, and have read about it before, people have written widely about it for dental cavities. And thanks for edit. MaryF


I too have heard of it. I began swishing listerine ( mouth wash) for 5-10 minutes in the morning some years ago and during my next dental check up the hygienist who has been cleaning my teeth for 30 years asked, " What are you doing that's different? I see such a difference in your teeth!".

So, my first thought after first reading about oil pullIng some months ago was, " but is swishing the listerine basically doing the same thing? " -- for the teeth at least.

So I haven't tried oil pulling yet. It seems wierd, but maybe I'll give it a go. Interesting.


i just heard of this...i was thinking of trying it but only have corn oil right now..i wonder if that would work...


I read something about this recently and the reviewer was having the same reaction as me ...reeeatch!!! I doubt a thick white lump of fatty gloop would stay in my mouth more than a few seconds before my gag reflexes took over for some dry heaving! Yuk!


Lol yeah the first few times I melted the coconut oil for that reason. Now as long as I'm still until it melts I'm fine. I also notice many instructions say 1 tablespoon, that was a little too much for me. I need more than a teaspoon but less than a tablespoon. Or use the oil you are most familiar with.

It's definitely something that took done getting used to.


This sounds interesting? Seems like it can't hurt. I'll give anything a go to feel better. Perhaps others could post tips or ways they manage or treat their APS. Thanks.


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