I am on Clexane so there are no INR to know if your blood is thick or thin or... How do you know???

Some days I feel like I've got it under control, but then there are days like today. My body feels weird. I hurt. My hands & arms feel cold---almost like you have a tourniquet on your upper arm for a long time. My legs feel the same. My muscle cramp up. I usually have a headache. For those who can test there INR-could this be because my blood is to thick or to thin? Does anyone else experience these feelings? how can you feel good one day & the next feel so bad. What am I doing wrong? Designer16

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  • they can do an Anti-Xa Assay to check the effectiveness of the heparin. If you are worried then it might be worth asking your doctor if it would be useful to have this done.

  • Hi

    Are you taking the correct dose of Heparin for your body weight?


  • I am not able to heparin because my body swells up. My legs look like elephant legs. I am on clexane eventhough I live in the United States. I tried lovenox & had a reaction to it. Unfortunately I rebate reactions to drugs & food. Designer16

  • I don't rebate ---I have reactions to food & drugs

  • Sorry I'm not understanding you.

    You said that you are on Clexane but now you say that you can't take Heparin. Clexane is a form of heparin?


  • For what I understand heparin is different from clexane. Lovenox is the American version of clexane. They are a biological drug made from a pigs gut. They are a Enoxaparin, heparin is not a Enoxaparin. There are other Enoxaparins. Designer16

  • Clexane and enoxoparin & heparin work on a different level of the clotting cascade, which does not affect inr. There is a test called x10 or anti factor xa that can test your levels. These drugs are supposed to be more stable than warfarin and should not require testing as often (I get tested every 3-7 months but I am mostly symptom free.

  • As for the ups and downs, unfortunately that is the nature of autoimmune diseAse. I has an evil mind of its own and attacks indiscriminately. You can do everything right and still feel awful. Some of it is factors you have no control over like weather. Diet can make a difference. But Aps is something going haywire in your body and you will never completely have it under control.

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