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Dorset APS Support Group

Hi All

I live in Gillingham, darkest north Dorset (UK) and would like to set up a support group for APS sufferers in this part of the world. I would love to hear from anyone with this condition in this part of the world; perhaps if there is enough interest we could arrange a meeting in the near future to discuss our problems and share advice over a coffee.

looking forward to a good response,


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Hope you do get a good response. I was brought up in Sherborne but now live in Cornwall having been many years in London. I was really helped by my London support group who were a fab bunch. I miss you all! I got no response down here when I tried to start a group for aps but have met a few people with other autoimmune conditions. Good luck with it. Talk to Kate at the charity about it. Ann


Hi Gordon, I live in Torbay and have been battling with APS for 15 Years now and have lost my vision in my left eye and now my right eye is also failing on me. I did live in Dorchester for 30 years and I'm hoping to stay with my son and grandchildren in a few months time and would gladly try and fined time to meet up and have a discussion with other sufferers who have this cruel disease.




Hi, I have just moved down from Hertfordshire to East Devon, so not too far from you. I have had APS for over 30 years although only diagnosed for the last 10. I've stayed under the care of Prof. Hunt down here. Happy to meet up & share experiences.


Hi I live in Shillingstone nr Blandford I have had APS for a year I think it's a great idea and I am up for it. I think it would great to be able to talk over any problem's we have and to know we are not alone with this condition


Hi, I was diagnosed with APS last year and live in Tisbury so not far from Gillingham at all. Please keep me in the loop with regards to any meet ups - sounds like a great idea.



Hi all who have replied about my post regarding a North Dorset Support Group.

It seems there are two others who live close to me, Clotia and John Lane; Shaftesbury would be a suitable central venue, easily accessible from Gillingham, Tisbury and Shillingstone.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday are all good days for me and I know a splendid Bistro cum coffee shop where we would be made very welcome.

Please reply with suggested dates for a local get-together and a chin wag.

Best wishes to you all,,



Hi Claudia and John.

No response from either of you regarding a North Dorset Support Group.

If you are still interested please send me an e.mail address so that we can correspond outside the forum to set this group up.

Alternatively my address is

I look forward to hearing from you both.



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