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Fed up of feeling unwell

Since October I have felt ill most of the time. I feel like I have a permanent cold and have had a couple of urinary infections too. Worst is the constant exhaustion so each day has to be planned with care and going out not so much fun as it could be. I am not depressed but it is really getting me down. I will make an appointment to see my GP who is very good, but I suspect there isn't much he can do. Otherwise I might try going to a homeopath.

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I know I bang on about this like a cracked record, but get him or her to check your thryoid levels, as if is off kilter it can cause some of the symptoms that you describe among a whole host of others, often missed in a GP surgery and goes hand in hand with Hughes Syndrome and Sjogrens! It is possible to have subclinical hypothyroidism! MaryF x


Thanks Mary. I have had my thyroid tested more times than I can remember since I got married in 1980 but the tests have come back as well within normal limits. My mother was diagnosed in the 1960s but only after diagnosing it herself (she is retired doctor)) after my father (also a doctor) and their medical friends failed to see it! But I know this is often the case as it progresses so slowly and it is often a locum GP who diagnoses it. She was very unwell by then and her pulse and heart rate had slowed right down.

It sounds ridiculous but I have always hoped it was causing some of my symptoms because thyroxin would alleviate them. But having seen how my mother gradually deteriorated I think I would be a lot worse. I will go and see whoever is available tomorrow as they all good at our surgery.


If you suspect yours is a problem, also join Thyroid UK for some support. Mine did not show up in the narrow parameters of NHS testing either, although one consultant and one retired GP I encountered spotted the sluggish reflexes in my feet and other indicators. I did very detailed tests over a few days to look more closely and then found it. Here is a film for you to view:

You may be able to push for a trial of Thyroxine?

MaryF x


I have to admit I havn't been great either but I jus assumed mine was down to stress also a cold/bug I caught off others over Xmas time..only just getting over I now also a large area in bedroom has shown up damp!! they are sorting it out with in the month with any luck, Ive had to move out for now, since Ive done that Ive improved.....but Im always getting bladder & kidney infections....I just assume its down to Hughes & the warfarin thinning the blood which when inr is thin I seem to get more?! Seeing your gp is always a good idea to get everything checked, but it could be just down to the time of the year for us? I seem to be the most poorly over the winter or the summer?!! hope you improve soon, hugs x


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