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Pregnancy - when do the 30% fail?

Sorry posted this earlier as a post but prob best as a question

After 4 miscarriages including a missed miscarriage at 13.5 weeks (baby died at 10 weeks) while on aspirin I am currently 10 weeks pregnant and freaking out. I am now on 150mg aspirin and 5000 units of dalteprin. I am just wondering out of the 30% of pregnancies that fail even on treatment when do these losses occur? What I am trying to work out is that if I mad lucky enough to get past 12 weeks does the 30% decrease? Or is it 30% right through the pregnancy?

Any tips for trying to get through this while remaining calm as I realise getting myself so worked up all the time is not good for pregnancy.

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Hi there, sorry about your tricky medical history with bells on! And a big congratulations for your current news. You are right to try, (although I can imagine it is difficult) to try and stay stress free and calm. You are in the right place as many women on here have had multiple pregnancy loss, and then gone on to have a successful outcome, please be patient they will come on and talk to you I am sure. Of course statistically sometimes a miscarriage will occur due to other reasons, but it sounds as if your team is on top of this, do you have a nurse attached to the clinic you can talk to if it

all gets a bit much - if you are not due to see the consultant for a while? It may be a good idea.

Please continue to use us on here for support. I can't answer from personal experience, as I started on Fragmin very early with my first, and then with the next two and was luckily ok, on the same medication and until a few weeks afterwards. Sending you positive hugs and vibes. MaryF x


I'm very sorry for your losses is always a difficult journey.

Pregnancy losses can occur at any time throughout the pregnancy but you have a much better chance of success now that you are on heparin and aspirin. I believe the statistics are higher than you quoted ...up in the 80% range succeed on treatment..

Having lost several babies myself I know how hard it is not to worry but try and think of it the other way around. Try not to dwell on the 20% that fail but the 80% that succeed and go onto have a healthy baby. There are so many success stories from women who have had the right treatment.

Having said that I worried every day of my pregnancy with my last child and he is now 10 years old. Worrying didn't help.

I wish you every success with this pregnancy and hope to hear you announce this baby's arrival down the track :-)


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